Music | Cate Le Bon Live

Music | Cate Le Bon Live

Cate Le Bon
Brudenell Social Club

Cate le Bon’s catchy, psychedelic, 60s inspired music with a west Wales lilt was musically complex and tightly performed at her gig playing to a sold out crowd at Brudenell Social Club. She played with the support of the brilliant and well-known Welsh musician in his own right, Sweet Baboo, and together with Nick Murray the band shone. Despite confessing to be a little hoarse, and a resulting feeling that Cate avoided some of the higher notes, her performance was truly impressive, sounding bold, assured and confident throughout the course of the set.

Playing mostly from her latest album Mug Museum she brought the feeling of both LA  (where the album was produced by Noah Georgeson) as well as her hometown in rural Carmarthenshire, filling the intimate space with her unique sound. And yet, unique as Cate Le Bon is, she is also emblematic of the wave of interesting music currently emerging from Welsh musicians. Lacking in any awkward self-consciousness, Cate was at ease with the audience and at home on stage. Although she spoke only a little between songs, her comments endeared the crowd who had the feeling she was delighted to be in Leeds. Cate radiated a cool that surely comes with the performance of excellent and sincere music. Swedish singer Sea Lion was the support whom also impressed with her calm, soul searching, dreamy music, though lacking the true punch that Cate delivered later in the evening.

Harriet Sheppard

photo: Peterguy

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