Music | In Pictures – Melt Yourself Down @ Brudenell Social Club

Music | In Pictures – Melt Yourself Down @ Brudenell Social Club

Melt Yourself Down returned to Leeds on Friday as part of this weekend’s Live at Leeds festival. The band have cherry picked the most danceable rhythms from a host of genres, including Latin, Funk, Carribean Jazz and Rock to produce a powerful live show.

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With their six members’ sweat dripping less than half way into their set, the audience’s energy was in bounds: when they weren’t dancing, they were throwing themselves into each other across the floor.

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The band’s two saxophones roused the audience from either side of the stage whilst vocalist Kushal Gaya often slid into the crowd to danced with them: “dig a hole!” he commanded during Kingdom of Kush. Meanwhile, the rhythm section of a drummer, percussionist and bassist drove the groove forward.

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Having seen them play the Wardrobe in Autumn last year, it is clear that MYD thrives in venues with no gap between themselves and the audience: Brudenell Social Club perfectly complemented the band’s performance style.

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Towards the end of the night, as many from the audience who could joined the band to dance on stage as saxophonist Pete Wareham kicked his effects stand to one side to make room for more. By the encore, the atmosphere was one of total release.

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From wherever you were stood, MYD visibly put a great deal of passion and energy into their music. As the audience emptied the venue into the cool of the outside air, it was clear that those who had the most fun were those with the reddest faces.  5/5

Leo Garbutt

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