Photojournal: Beans on Toast @ Brudenell Social Club 26/11

Photojournal: Beans on Toast @ Brudenell Social Club 26/11

British folk singer Beans on Toast sings about sex, drugs and politics. Photographer Jack Roberts captures his brilliance in amazing high definition. 


The Brudenell was the perfect place for the gig -big enough for Beans’ fans but small enough to be intimate.


Comedy Folk singer Will Varley opened up, presenting his Benjamin Francis-Leftwich-esque tones mixed with vulgar stories to the crowd.


Jumping into the crowd, Beans waxed lyrical about his hometown, Rain, Essex.


The passion in his set was amazing, and was definitely transferred to the crowd.


Even whilst jumping from cheesy love songs to beer and burgers, the crowd seemed to know every word.


Beans never stopped flashing his cheeky grin.


Bob Groves served as Beans on Toast’s backing band and his fill in when the main act slinked off to the toilet.


Ever the professional, Beans returns from a toilet break.


Coming on for a pre-announced encore, Beans takes requests.


Micky P Kerr ended the night in true punk fashion by lighting up on stage, late for his own song.

Jack Roberts

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