Monki & Friends at Church 24/03

Monki & Friends at Church 24/03

Not only was Monki and Friends the countdown to the end of term, but it was also another chance to go to Leeds’ funkiest venue, Church, which I personally was very excited about. The idea of the event set our expectations high as the set list was different from the average club night and more of a mini festival.

The DJ duo who won the BBC Introducing Competition that Monki hosted in advance, Understate, kicked off the evening bringing everything House to the stage. They debuted their new original track, ‘Night Owl’, whose rhythmic beat and house vocals woven together stylishly set off the tone for what was to come; a perfect mix of lighter and heavy tunes. By the time the Manchester duo Pirate Copy stepped off the stage, they left us dancing to their rolling tech vibes, initiating the generous dose of underlining groove which Monki brilliantly maintained.

When the Radio 1 selector took the stage everyone was in high spirits, even though the expensive double vodkas were hitting my overdraft hard. The way she mixed between electronic sub-genres, moving through pacing disco and house, made it really feel like Monki knew the crowd and played to us. There was a real connection between our mood and the styles played. This in the small venue of the Chapel was a very personal experience where all I could see was silhouettes of my friends moving in sync to the trance-like beat.

I was a bit disappointed that Monki was only on for a short time, it felt like by the time she came on she went off again. But, we didn’t let this get us down and Elliot Adamson did not disappoint. He brought the perfect end of night techno vibes, fading the night out like a trance with the disco ball reflecting not only the colourful lazers and strobe lighting but also the heavy sweat from all us electronic lovers, what a euphoric atmosphere!

Although she wasn’t on for long, she put on an amazing set and I would recommend seeing her to anyone.

Caris Dollard

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