Misinterpretation, or Deliberately Condescending?

Misinterpretation, or Deliberately Condescending?

Katie Hopkins has unsurprisingly used the medium of Twitter to voice her disrespectful
opinions on social media’s #MeToo campaign. Hopkins demeans and taints the
movement in which women and men are exposing their stories and demonstrating the unfortunate frequency of sexual assaults and harassment in light of the recent
allegations in Hollywood against Harvey Weinstein.

However, Hopkins forgets the difference between consensual and non-consensual sex. By commenting that she has ‘utilised’ her body, she fails to recognise that there is a difference between victims being forced into sexual acts, and her choice to use her body in whatever way she sees fit.

Also, the insinuation that the actresses, authors, models and women of all professions that have used #MeToo have not worked for their positions is not only offensive but incredibly disrespectful.

Hopkins has yet again succeeded in belittling a serious issue.


Zahra Iqbal