Childhood to play Brudenell Community Room, 16/11

Childhood to play Brudenell Community Room, 16/11

Childhood’s 2017 return came with a disclaimer: they’ve changed. While their newly found retro soul vibes and soaring sax solos are certainly new, in reflection, they seem inevitable.

Perhaps their announcement epitomised this shift in the indie scene that we have seen in recent months. Like other indie bands that emerged in the early to mid-2010s, Childhood are now less interested with the genre, and have their eyes set on something bigger. Like their contemporaries Superfood, whose recent album ‘Bambino‘ marked a distinct break away from the traditional-guitar led indie, Childhood have morphed into something which seems miles away from the pounding guitars of 2013.

And this metamorphosis has served them well: their latest album, Universal High, has been met with critical acclaim. ‘Don’t Have Me Back’ is an undeniable highlight, picking you up by the shoulders and getting you lost in this technicolour spiralling battle of the sax.

Childhood are back and, while they have grown up from the charity shop chic to minimalist sophistication, they are still the summer breeze that we came to love following their 2014 debut. Now, get ready to let them take you soaring above the uneven rooftops of Hyde Park next Thursday on their magic carpet of soul inspired groove.

Tickets to Childhood’s headline show at Brudenell Community Room are available here.

Juliette Rowsell