ISLAND @ Brudenell Community Room, 6/11

ISLAND @ Brudenell Community Room, 6/11

The atmosphere is relaxed and there’s a buzz of excitement amongst the crowd at Brudenell Community Room. Then small venue makes the gig that much more intimate and, despite being in close quarters, the room feels cosy and comfortable. The night is off to a promising start with music from Samuel Wilde and Leif Erikson, but the anticipation for ISLAND to take to the stage is all too real.

What initially felt like just a room filled with a handful of people, quickly turned a frenzy of crowds of fans swarming around the stage. The raw passion of Rollo Doherty’s vocals alone was enough to send the crowd into amazement. Set aside from the vocals, the overall sound of the music was set to impress. With live performance being a particular forte for the band, it was great to truly see them in their element. Considering that this is the band’s first headline tour, their overall stage presence was welcoming and relaxed. They played the stage like they belonged there.

The concert consisted of several house favourites, Including ‘Waves’ and ‘A Place Like You’. However a personal favourite of mine was the sneak preview of their debut album Feel’s Like Air. The album teaser was definitely a crowd pleaser and, whilst there’s a sense of nostalgia in hearing their older material, it’s refreshing to hear how the band are developing their sound.

Seeing them live was a great opportunity to see how they’ve grown as a band. It’s clear that ISLAND are just as talented live as they are in the studio, and there’s a real sense of energy behind their performances. If the alternative music scene is something you’re interested in, or even if you’re looking to discover new music, ISLAND are well worth the listen.

Rachael Dickinson