Lucy Rose @ Brudenell Social Club, 7/11

Lucy Rose @ Brudenell Social Club, 7/11

Lucy Rose is the gold standard of intimate indie folk music with a style and voice that has remained true throughout her career. Her powerfully soft and fragile voice sound just like it does on her records – and her harrowing stories of heartbreak still leave me speechless, despite having heard ‘Shiver’ hundreds of times before. Her new album, Something’s Changing, and new single, ‘End Up Here’, feel fresh.

It was Rose’s conversation with the crowd after every single song that made all of her art seem that more genuine. Devoid of all sense of ego it was just watching and listening to someone who truly loves her craft, truly loves showing her art to people and still gets nervous every time she does it. Lucy Rose’s act was a beautiful performance of honesty, oozing with such authenticity and genuinity that it didn’t feel like a performance. When she did an encore after walking off stage and said ‘”we don’t usually do this, honest,” I genuinely believed her.

When she said she thought about quitting music and is a bit sick of living in Travel Lodges, until a tour in South America changed her mind, I believe her still. Tales of the tour round South America was a highlight of the show. Rose spoke about living in fan’s houses, playing gigs for free, and falling in love with music again. The documentary that goes alongside the album is fantastic and does the stories true justice.

The new album, and the way Rose spoke about it at the gig, demonstrates a masterful songwriter and performer truly becoming a story teller.

Christopher Tobin

[Feature Image: Filippo L’Astorina]