The Bellrays bring the soul to Brudenell Social Club

The Bellrays bring the soul to Brudenell Social Club

Rock and punk have always gone hand in hand, and soul music definitely isn’t something you’d think of throwing into the mixture. This particular blend of all three genres reinforces that oh so rich sound that we have heard from non-other than The Bellrays. I had the delight of hearing this first hand and, whilst the band has been around since the 1990’s, their refreshing assortment of these genres is admirable. The raw energy behind Lisa Kekaula’s vocals sparked a sense of excitement across the room. The power behind her voice really drove the crowd into a frenzy of awe and astonishment.

Setting their own trend, The Bellrays have a clearly distinctive style through their incorporation of multiple genres. Having never listened to the band prior to the concert I was in anticipation of what to expect, it’s fair to say their sound is unique yet enticing. Opening the night with some of their newest material, a clear effort has been made by the band to maintain a fresh and up-to-date sound for their audience.

Some clear house favourites of the night were Black Lightning and Perfect, with a personal favourite being Startime. The whole performance infused some of my favourite genres and it’s clear to see a disparity amongst the audience. Overall it’s great to see a band capable of maintaining such a mass following despite their changes over the years. There was a mixture of both loyal old school supporters and a wave of youthful fans waiting in anticipation to see their take on the music scene. If you’re looking for a quirky night out or perhaps you’re trying to explore your musical interests, The Bellrays are a must see.

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Rachel Dickinson