KNOWER brought relentless energy to Brudenell Social Club

KNOWER brought relentless energy to Brudenell Social Club

To quote lead singer Genevieve Artadi: “I don’t think we were ready for how crazy you guys would be.”

Skeltr’s incredible performance left the audience well warmed up for KNOWER’s entrance, and from the moment Louis Cole walked out in a comically large pink winter coat and shades, only to start laying down some fat beats on a small midi keyboard, everyone knew this would be a KNOWER-style gig. Supported by two keyboards and bass, KNOWER didn’t hesitate to showcase the talent of their band; the skill and adaptability of all the musicians was apparent, with stabbing synth chords often interwoven with warm yet subtle pads, cutting lead solos, heavily distorted power chords and incredibly tight funk bass playing.

Holding the whole thing together, however, was the performance of Louis Cole, whose driving, relentless drum beats maintained the energy throughout. Genevieve’s vocals were the perfect contrast to this, with clean, high melodies soaring above the rest of the band. The duo were not afraid to swap roles, with Louis dropping out for Genevieve to take the lead on more cutting and rhythmic vocal lines. The comedic friendship of the two core members was also clear, with an interlude of ‘The Milkman Song’ providing genuine laugh-out-loud moments for the already buzzed crowd.

‘Overtime’, was by far the highest energy performance, with the song’s popularity leading to an enthused audience singing along. The song showcased everything which has made KNOWER so successful – a funk/electro beat with snappy vocals and a shredding synth solo. The three separate changes of tempo allowed for ever more expression in the brilliantly played synth solo, while the furious pace at the end resulted in a huge finish before the encore. KNOWER’s truly original sound combined with an amazing atmosphere resulted in an incredible evening.


Photo Credit:

Jake Fowler