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Re living LRFS’ TIME.LESS performance

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This year’s much anticipated 10th anniversary Leeds RAG Fashion Show took the captivating title of ‘TIME•LESS’, a show incorporating the moments in life experienced by all, ones to remember, ones we would rather avoid and ones we would like to revive. These key events in life are ones that fashion … Read More

Leeds Union Music Library Moves into New Space

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As of this week, the Union Music Library has moved to a new, more accessible space, accommodating more people and even more records. Dating back to the 1960s, the Union Music Library has long been an underrated yet treasured part of the University, allowing students and non-students of Leeds alike … Read More

100 years on: a tribute to the forgotten Suffragettes

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On the 6th of February 1918 many British women were granted the right to vote, as the Representation of the People Act 1918 was passed by Parliament. Although it was significant progress, it is important today to remember which women were given the right to vote. Only women above the … Read More

Brainwashed?! – Neural Networks Society

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Neural Networks society is a neuroscience-based society at the University of Leeds. We strive to create biweekly talks and socials, around the subject of neuroscience with a multidisciplinary perspective. “Brainwashed?!” is an interesting and innovative talk about a new psychological approach to extremism. The speaker, Natalie James, is a second-year … Read More

Repeal the 8th

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In late May 2018, the Republic of Ireland, still considered the most intransigent Catholic state in the world, will hold a referendum on repealing the 1983 eighth amendment of the Irish constitution. Currently, the eighth amendment outlaws abortion by giving the life of the foetus equal value to the mother’s, ... Read More

Franz Ferdinand Try and Recapture The Magic With “Always Ascending”

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In its good moments, Always Ascending is funky, well-polished, and engaging. However, on their fifth effort, Franz Ferdinand cannot escape sounding like a hollowed-out version of the band they used to be. The title track starts the album well – slick, hypnotic and unquestionably groovy. However, as soon as it … Read More

Ram-raid on Leeds Rolex Shop Caught on Camera

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Two cars have been videoed attempting to ram-raid a Rolex at Prestons on Commercial Street in Leeds. West Yorkshire Police were called to the incident at around 11:55 GMT on Sunday 18th February. One of the vehicles tried to reverse into the front of the store and, when that failed, … Read More

‘The stigma is probably more damaging than the disease’: Leeds Youth Stop Aids HIV+ Speaker Tour

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LUU’s Youth Stop AIDs society presented their long-awaited HIV+ speaker tour on Wednesday 14 February as part of their #itaintover campaign, which seeks to keep the HIV epidemic on the government’s agenda. The UK youth-led movement are lobbying for a world without AIDs by 2030. Working towards this, three incredible … Read More

Students Struggling to Pay Rent

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More than 17,000 students living in university accommodation fell behind on their housing payments last year, according to recent figures. A small but growing number of students are facing eviction. Last year, 97 students had their tenancies cancelled after being unable to pay their rent, up from 40 the previous … Read More

REVIEW: What Would Your Kids Do?

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Jason Manford plays the big kid hosting this new ITV game show, which combines Channel 4’s the Secret Life of 5 Year Olds with just about any basic TV game show. The show is structured in rounds in which three sets of parents are challenged to predict what their child … Read More