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Is ‘Girls Support Girls’ Unconditional?

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“Girls support Girls” is a movement that has swept through pop culture, outlining an essential part of feminism as being the mutual support of women by other women. It calls for women to lift each other up instead of tearing each other down, because they can’t begin to overcome the … Read More

Lift The Ban

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A few weeks ago, Ben and Jerry’s were on campus and promoting the Lift the Ban campaign for asylum seekers’ right to work in the UK, or as most of you will remember it: giving out free ice cream for a good cause – a great combination at that! In … Read More

LUU’s Most A-Compelling Singing Group

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Sitting down with the co-Presidents of LUU A Capella Society, George Hulkes and Patrick Ashby, Susy Goldstone discusses the ins-and-outs of singing without music. So, how is LUU A Capella Society structured? George: This year we’ve had a really big change. Last year we had a group called the Cosmopolitones … Read More

Cowboy Boots: The Marmite of Shoes

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Love them or hate them, the Wild, Wild West is back. That’s right. Cowboy boots are a thing again. Ask someone for their opinion of cowboy boots and you’re likely to get a mixed reception. For some, cowboy boots are a heresy best left for Clint Eastwood in movies only … Read More

What’s on Your Festive Bucket List?

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First Winter living in Leeds and don’t know what to do now that the nights are colder? Carys provides a shortlist of the very best. The clocks have changed, the nights are drawing in and Leeds is plummeting into what ca n only be described as an arctic climate. Winter … Read More

“Three or Four Universities” on the Brink of Bankruptcy

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Student debt has been in the headlines recently. But it turns out that students who owe tens of thousands of pounds once they graduate aren’t the only ones who are struggling. With reports that three British universities are on the brink of bankruptcy, how are institutions which are allowed to … Read More

Campus Watch

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Imperial College London: ‘Hologram’ Lecturers: Futuristic New Technology Used to Teach Students Learners are changing, learning is changing and where learning takes place is changing. This is no longer the future, this is now. #Digital upskilling is vital to simply exist in the modern world, let alone thrive. #DADigiStrat — … Read More

Man Arrested for Murder on Woodhouse Lane

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Armed police arrested the man yesterday (10/11) before 5pm, during a pre-planned operation. The arrest occurred near Parkinson Building, at the front entrance to the University of Leeds. The man was wanted for a murder committed in another force’s area. Two others in his vehicle were given community resolution orders … Read More

Has the Million Dollar Question Been Answered ?

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If you’re anything like me, you haven’t heard of the Millennium Prize Problems – like so many other students, I stopped fraternising with anything remotely numerical after GCSEs. That doesn’t mean, however, that people like me are right in our ignorance of the existence of the Problems. As meaningless as … Read More

Anti Bullying Week 2018: Recognising and Dealing with Toxic Behaviour at University

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As many have regurgitated before now, university is simultaneously the best and perhaps the most challenging part of your life. It is a period when everyone is struggling to figure themselves out as well as tackling seemingly never-ending workloads, but what many can agree on is that forging meaningful relationships … Read More