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Game of Thrones: Has the ‘Hype Train’ Come to a Halt?

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No. No, it hasn’t. However, that doesn’t mean that Season 7 has started off exactly as some would have hoped. Season 7 marks the show’s twilight hours; it is finally steering towards an end. The premier certainly shows this, ending with the incredibly powerful moment of Daenerys finally arriving in … Read More

Hilary Benn speaks at Leeds University to support fossil fuel divestment

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Leeds University hosted the panel discussion on climate change and climate leadership, which focused on the rapidly growing Divest Parliament campaign, as well as efforts to divest in Leeds. This follows the announcement that over 50 MPs have signed a petition to remove fossil fuel investment from the parliamentary pensions fund. … Read More

McDonalds delivery is coming to the UK

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Paul Pomroy, the McDonald’s UK Chief Executive, announced that the company will be trialling a delivery service for the first time in June for selected cities across the country.   Speaking to Sky News, Pomroy said that it’s obvious that customers “want McDonalds to look at delivery”. In the interview, … Read More

Students protest against TEF by Disrupting Senate

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  Students battled the horrible weather and marched in protest of TEF from the Union to disrupt the Senate meeting, where the petition was delivered to the Vice Chancellor. The Teaching Excellence Framework is a controversial new government initiative most notably criticised for creating a formal link between quality of teaching … Read More

Leeds dental lecturer accused of having numerous sexual encounters in office

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Dr Alec High, one of the universities dental lecturers, is said to have repeatedly engaged in sexual activity in his office overheard by colleagues. The General Dental Council (GDC) practise committee was today, Monday 23 January, told that four of High’s colleagues had reported overhearing sexual relations on numerous occasions … Read More

Thousands march on Yarl’s Wood

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Campaigners from across the UK protested at the immigration removal centre in Bedfordshire on Saturday, December 4, demanding that the detention centre be shut down. The centre, which mainly holds women and children, is one of 13 such centres in the UK and is operated by Serco, a private company … Read More

Irving Berlin musical ‘White Christmas’ hits all the right notes

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Image: West Yorkshire Playhouse   The West Yorkshire Playhouse’s production of jukebox musical White Christmas, featuring the songs of Irving Berlin, has extended its run due to popular demand, proving that tried and tested formulas are still around for a reason. Even for those unfamiliar with the 1954 film on … Read More

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is Jennifer Lawrence’s continuing victory

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The three films of the lucrative Hunger Games franchise can be understood through colour. If the original Hunger Games was the earthy browns of a woodland arena, Gary Ross’ raw indie sensibility direction and Jennifer Lawrence’s dye-job, and it’s slicker, shinier sequel Catching Fire was bathed in cool blues to … Read More

Benedict Cumberbatch is rightly tipped for Oscar glory for his potrayal of genius Alan Turing

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Image: Black Bear Pictures A witty, poignant and powerful film, The Imitation Game handles its subject manner brilliantly, giving the viewer a look in to one of the true geniuses in British history: Mathematician and code-cracker Alan Turing. Much has been made of Benedict Cumberbatch’s turn as the anti-social mastermind, … Read More

With Interstellar, Christopher Nolan proves once again that intelligent blockbusters can exist

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Image: Paramount Pictures Christopher Nolan’s latest feature is a complex, head-spinning journey into other galaxies, blasting the viewer into a story that is as gripping and emotional as it is scientifically intricate. Despite its hard science fiction moorings, in line with Cordero’s Europa Report or Kubrick’s game-changing 2001: A Space … Read More