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National Security or Secure Privacy?

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Battles between Microsoft and the U.S. department of Justice are no stranger to headlines. And the latest spat between the two over accessing customer emails is also not a new debate. On the one side, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella claims that eroding customer trust due to confusing data privacy laws … Read More

The companies who profit when tragedy strikes

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October 1st saw the worst mass shooting in US history, leaving 59 dead and over 500 injured. Whilst shocking, these events are increasingly perceived as routine; the shooting in Vegas was just one of 1,516 that took place in the preceding 1,735 days. Perhaps more alarming is the fact that … Read More

The long road to recovery for Puerto Rico

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When Storm Maria hit the headlines, the newscasters focused on the damage done to the states it had affected in the USA. People watched the destruction in horror, shocked by the sight of homes and lives not dissimilar to their own be swept away by a storm of biblical proportions. … Read More

Ryanair controversy reveals both internal and external problems

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Ryanair is renowned for dominating the budget airline market in the UK, but its reputation is by no means gleaming. In 2013, Which? magazine famously conducted a consumer survey on customer service, asking participants to rate companies on the staff’s attitude, ability and knowledge. This left Ryanair in last place … Read More

A halt in the march of progress? New figures prove disappointing for ambitious women

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A fortnight ago, working women across the UK awoke to the disheartening news that even holding the top jobs can place them in a significantly inferior position to their male counterparts. A recent report published by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and XpertHR shows that of over 3 million managers … Read More

Transatlantic flights for as little as £50

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In July Norwegian Airlines announced the arrival of the world’s longest low-cost flight; London to Singapore in 12 hours and 45 minutes for only £149.90. This followed the company’s announcement in February that the airline would be offering flights to Chicago for £179 and to the north east of America … Read More

Why There Are More Working Mothers Than Ever

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In 1996, a year in which many University of Leeds students were born, 61.9% of working mothers had children dependent on their income. Within our lifetimes, this has risen to a startling 73.7%, correlating to an increase in 1.2 million women. Why might this be? The stats:  The Office for … Read More

Should We Really Be Scared of Student Debt?

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Following a report from the Institute of Fiscal Studies earlier this year, it was revealed that over 70% of students who left University in 2016 are expected never to repay their student loans in full. These figures suggest that future university graduates will be in a similar position: saddled with … Read More

There seems to be a new space race on the horizon

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However, unlike before, the race is not fuelled by the cold war rivalry between the USA and the USSR, it is fuelled by private corporations. Investment is flooding into the space industry. The global space economy was worth $329 billion in 2016, and three-quarters of that sum came from private … Read More

Quick Fix for the UK’s housing market?

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With the UK’s population continuously growing and with major cities such as London becoming overpopulated, the UK’s housing market is in a sticky situation. It is clear something major needs to be done, but what? Well a few people believe they have the answer and some ideas do seem promising. … Read More