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Humanity’s Footprint on Mother Nature- How Can We Erase it?

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The Gryphon discusses the recent surge of global action to combat climate change and whether we are acting fast enough… The Living Planet Report by WWF estimates that 60% of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles died out between 1970 and 2014. This shocking figure reveals the catastrophic damage caused to … Read More

Grenfell Tower Effigy Burning: A Criminal Offence or Just a Sick Joke?

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The Gryphon considers whether the burning of the Grenfell Tower effigy is potentially a hate crime. Whilst Thousands of families and friends gathered to enjoy the dazzling fireworks and impressive bonfires last week, a video conveying one horrific bonfire, in particular, repulsed the nation. Six men aged between 19 and … Read More

Is Britain’s broadcast media too ‘London-centric’? Time to look outside the M25…

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The Gryphon discusses whether or not the future of broadcast media could be outside London… London: not only our capital city but also the focal point of our media industry and broadcasting. Since the birth of broadcast media, London has been fully at its core, perceived as having its own … Read More

Have fairy tales reached their ‘Happily Ever After’, or is there still room for improvement?  

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The Gryphon examines and unpicks the increasingly popular idea that our classic fairy tales should be re-written to reflect our modern values. The realm of the fairy tale is magical and free – anything can happen within the enchanted kingdoms of these stories. But does this mean we should change … Read More

Yemen: The Civil War Needs to End

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As the international media continue to stay silent of the war, The Gryphon brings to light the horrors of the war in Yemen. Three years ago, at this time, there was food in Yemen. Three years ago, the people were not suffering from an immense, dreadful famine which costed the … Read More

A Rival to Netflix?

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The Gryphon discusses the implications of Disney and Warner Bros creating independent streaming services… Competition has been steadily increasing in the streaming services industry for the past few years. However, 2019 looks to be a defining and possibly tumultuous year for Netflix as much of their most viewed and iconic … Read More

“A little bit challenging” and “a little bit interesting” – Why Ambassador Mark Regev’s Visit to the University of Leeds Provided More Questions than Answers

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If you were wandering about campus last Wednesday the 14th November, those more eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed an increased security presence patrolling outside Leeds University Union. For those of you who were less aware or just momentarily recovering from Hifi the night before, even if you missed the … Read More

Café Feministique – Finding Feminism in Hyde Park Book Club’s Basement

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The Gryphon writer Annabel Martin shares her experience of attending a Café Feministique event. I spent my Sunday afternoon in the basement of Hyde Park Book Club eating woman-shaped Haribos; doodling on tablecloths and chatting with women, young and old, across candlelight. This was all accompanied by a disco ball ever so … Read More

How Global Waves of Populist Discontent are Allowing a Far-Right Ascension to Power

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(Source: Pixabay) As Jair Bolsonaro’s victory in Brazil strengthens the increasingly powerful global-right, The Gryphon explores the conditions to which give rise to populism and other extremist groups On the 28th October 2018, Jair Bolsonaro of the Social Liberal Party was elected as Brazil’s 38th President, securing 55.1% of the … Read More

Should this Headline Contain a Trigger Warning?

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If you’ve recently found yourself sat in a lecture theatre talking about distressing or upsetting topics, then the chances are that you came across a ‘Content Note’ beforehand. Content Notes work in a similar fashion to ‘Trigger Warnings’, in that tutors hand out a list of the topics which will … Read More