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How to become a Travel Writer with Megan Eaves from Lonely Planet

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Getting paid to travel the world and write about your experiences is a job many of us can only dream of. Yet for Megan Eaves, North Asia Destination Editor for Lonely Planet, being a travel writer is her nine to five… Before her talk at the The Business Confucius Institute’s … Read More

Backing singers: 20 feet from stardom

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Meenakshi Parmar describes how we must remember to credit the people that have kept rockstars in the spotlight: the backing singers. Darlene Love. Merry Clayton. Claudia Lennear. Luther Vandross. It’s unlikely that you would have heard of any of these names before. Yet these singers have brought iconic backing vocals … Read More

Portrait of an artist as a young activist

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The Gryphon Features look at the prominence of fake news and the art world’s capacity to question it. Recently one of the most prominent buzzwords in current affairs, bandied around by everybody from readers of the Guardian to angry politics students, is ‘fake news’. This is the notion that what … Read More

Productivity Cheat-Sheet

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Kiera Greenwood gives us the complete guide to productivity and acing those uni deadlines. Whether it be your dissertation or just another deadline, we are all feeling the pressure these final few months of the semester. So, how do we make this final term count? One of the primary lessons … Read More

“One is not born, but rather becomes a woman”

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Hannah Starkie explores the world of drag queens, and questions if it recreates certain gender stereotypes and identities. This month, 8th March sees International Women’s Day 2017. This year the campaign theme is titled #beboldforchange, a campaign which aims to initiate gender parity and encourage every man and woman to … Read More

Coming out: why it’s still relevant

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Bethany Donkin talks to Morgan Buswell about coming out and the relief and challenges that followed it. “When did you come out as straight?” has been LUU’s catchy, thought provoking caption for LGBT history month. For many people, sexuality is something they’ve never had to question or think about, let … Read More

Keep Calm and Carry on

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Edmund Goldrick outlines the danger with the ‘tough it out’ attitude towards illness in the work place and university. Who’s at risk? And what should we be trying to change? Catch any bus, go to any university lecture, office, supermarket, and you will likely find clearly sick people toughing it … Read More

Why is My Rebellion White?

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Features editor Jessie Florence-Jones looks at the whitewashing of punk and its still thriving existence in Asia and Africa. When someone says punk, the first thing to come to mind for most people is a safety pin through a body part, a load of studs and a mohawk. Growing up … Read More

Heavy Metal LGBT+

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Heavy metal has always had an affiliation with the dark – here Edmund Goldrick investigates how this darkness strays beyond the occult and spooky into the sociopolitical.             This was supposed to be an uplifting piece about LGBT+ in Heavy Metal and the progress that’s … Read More

Where the Wild Things Are

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George Crompton discusses where to find examples of wilderness in Britain, despite all the challenges it faces. In these times of conformist despair I often find myself witless and with nowhere to turn but the endless monotony of city-living; walking the perilous plank of narrow pavements, with traffic lights permanently … Read More