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Re living LRFS’ TIME.LESS performance

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This year’s much anticipated 10th anniversary Leeds RAG Fashion Show took the captivating title of ‘TIME•LESS’, a show incorporating the moments in life experienced by all, ones to remember, ones we would rather avoid and ones we would like to revive. These key events in life are ones that fashion … Read More

Leeds Union Music Library Moves into New Space

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As of this week, the Union Music Library has moved to a new, more accessible space, accommodating more people and even more records. Dating back to the 1960s, the Union Music Library has long been an underrated yet treasured part of the University, allowing students and non-students of Leeds alike … Read More

100 years on: a tribute to the forgotten Suffragettes

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On the 6th of February 1918 many British women were granted the right to vote, as the Representation of the People Act 1918 was passed by Parliament. Although it was significant progress, it is important today to remember which women were given the right to vote. Only women above the … Read More

Franz Ferdinand Try and Recapture The Magic With “Always Ascending”

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In its good moments, Always Ascending is funky, well-polished, and engaging. However, on their fifth effort, Franz Ferdinand cannot escape sounding like a hollowed-out version of the band they used to be. The title track starts the album well – slick, hypnotic and unquestionably groovy. However, as soon as it … Read More

REVIEW: What Would Your Kids Do?

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Jason Manford plays the big kid hosting this new ITV game show, which combines Channel 4’s the Secret Life of 5 Year Olds with just about any basic TV game show. The show is structured in rounds in which three sets of parents are challenged to predict what their child … Read More

It’s Time to Start Eating Fish Sustainably

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With the recent success of both Blue Planet II and ‘Veganuary’, now seems like a more salient time than ever to discuss how to make our fish-buying habits sustainable. For those who turned their Januarys into ‘Veganuarys’ last month, this may have been a long and painful experience for some, … Read More

REVIEW: Flatpack Empire

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The first episode of this new series which goes behind the scenes of furniture giant, Ikea, proved an interesting watch. It begins exploring the humble beginnings of the company, first started in 1943, and explores how its concept was initially received compared to now. The company had been small when … Read More

Learn Your Lesson: Forget Exam Results and Take Away the Positives

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Exams are over and the new semester has started. Also, many of us just got their exam results. Hopefully, most of them were better than we thought, maybe others were worse, some were as expected and others probably disappointed us. The impact that a simple, tiny number can make in … Read More

REVIEW: Festival of the Dead Meets Leeds

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There could not have been a more apt setting for Festival of the Dead’s debut in Leeds than Church. If I’m sure about one thing, it’s that the Festival of the Dead was anything but dead. A concoction of music, laughter and elaborate costumes greeted us in a smoky room … Read More

How to Deal With an Eating Disorder

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Anorexia. Even now it’s hard for me to look at this word without wincing. Recent research has shown that over 1.6 million people in the UK suffer from an eating disorder. This is a monster that we cannot ignore and it’s about time we spoke about it. My experience. I … Read More