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The “film many of us need to see right now”: Dunkirk Review

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Chloe Smith delves into Christopher Nolan’s most recent work as she explores the function of its blockbuster form. Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan’s latest offering, is a refreshingly minimalist piece compared to his previous works like Inception or Interstellar. Dunkirk quickly becomes a nail-biting, cinematic thriller, more so than a classic account of … Read More

“Beauty Without Bunnies”: Consumer Power and the Fall of Cult Beauty Brands

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It’s 2017, and the scope of influence for public opinion is increasing by the day. Think about it. In the world of industry, success relies on the public. We’re a tangible force to be reckoned with, living in an era where a series of bad Trip Advisor reviews can ruin … Read More

The Arts Netflix Weekend Watchlist: Volume 16

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We’re just about halfway and summer is slipping away fast folks so this week’s watchlist is all about bang for your buck. You could do all three of these in an afternoon and still have plenty of time for frolicking among the hydrangeas. All three clock-in at under 90 minutes … Read More

For Emma, Forever Ago – A Retrospective

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Ten years and ten days ago, the enchanting For Emma, Forever Ago was self-released by a then unknown Justin Vernon, under the guise of Bon Iver. Re-released a year later by Jagjaguwar, the album marked a surprising success story for independent music production. After splitting with his band DeYarmond Edison, … Read More

Cocoon in the Park 2017: A Review

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Cocoon in the Park has become an unmissable date on any techno and house music fanatic’s festival calendar since its birth in 2009. Sven Vath’s incomparable influence over the industry, with a career spanning four decades and a proven ability to exhilarate audiences from the golden beaches of Ibiza to … Read More

The Symphonic Sounds of Back To Basics: A Preview and An Interview with Dave Beer

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Founded back in 1991, Back To Basics currently stands as the longest running weekly house night in the UK. It’s become a cultural institution in its own right; passing on the bastion from one generation of alternative music enthusiasts to the next. Launching the careers of some of the most … Read More

LGBT+ Pride: A Celebration of Expression and Love

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During high school, I never knew I was gay. It sounds ridiculous to say now, partially because I’d actually consider myself bisexual, but up until the age of 18 I had never really thought of myself as queer. I’d always had girl crushes, but never explored the idea that they … Read More

‘BP or not BP?’ – That is the Question of Student Theatre Subsidies

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From odious oil spills to fat-cat theft – Rose Crees discusses why subsidised student theatre tickets are too good to be true. On the 28th of July 2016 BP announced, to the great dismay of all self-respecting and morally-sound theatre and art lovers in the UK, that they had signed (in … Read More

Down, down the rabbit hole: Alice’s Adventures Underground Review

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George Hulkes recounts her recent trip to Wonderland in this review of Les Enfants Terrible’s immersive theatrical extravaganza. The audience are promised to leave the world that they know and enter a place that is turned on its head, a world vibrantly colourful and utterly bonkers. For this, Les Enfants … Read More

Live Review: NME Under the Radar @ Omeara, London, 12/07/17

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If NME’s Under the Radar gig was about showcasing the latest up and coming talent, then the future looks bright. Packing out London’s beautiful Omeara venue, this was an evening of celebration: a celebration of talent, music, and diversity. Kicking off the evening was the London-based Anteros. In a genre … Read More