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Review: ‘Listen Up’ at the Art Hostel

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To celebrate National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day, Basis Yorkshire brings us ‘Listen UP’, an inspiring and thought-provoking exhibition about the journey of young people who have experienced sexual exploitation. This interactive exhibition takes us on a journey of a sexually exploited young woman. We begin at the initial stage … Read More

Is Disney live-action stuck in rewind?

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Since 2010, Disney has been aggressively churning out live-action rehashings of animated films that flourished during its Golden Age (1937-70) and renaissance (1989-99), beginning with Alice in Wonderland (2010) right up until this week’s release of Beauty and the Beast (2017). The purpose of ‘live-action’ is to produce an artwork … Read More

Beauty and the Beast – Is Disney failing to deliver on LGBTQ representation?

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This week, Disney announced that their new action-remake of Beauty and the Beast is to feature its first ‘exclusively gay moment’ in a Disney film. The moment is said to be between Le Fou and Gaston, but this isn’t the first time that Disney have got our hopes up of … Read More

Review: Rahm – A moral exploration of the complexities of virtue

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A Sufi adaptation of Shakespeare’s play ‘Measure for Measure’, Rahm is a thought-provoking exploration of the uniformity of belief that has been present in religion for centuries. Shakespeare’s 16th Century Vienna is transformed into the modern day city of Lahore, Pakistan. Whilst the urban landscapes contrast dramatically, the religious and … Read More

Preview: Leeds Queer Film Festival

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This year two of my favourite things are coming together: a DIY festival and Live Art Bistro. If you’ve never been to the Leeds Queer Film Festival or to LAB then cancel what you’re doing next weekend and go. LAB will be hosting the film festival and both organisations are … Read More

Can the Guardian recover from the loss of Lyn Gardner?

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Renowned journalist and theatre critic Lyn Gardner has recently had her contract with the Guardian slashed on the account of monetary cuts. While she will continue to write reviews and features for the Guardian, her consistent blogs will no longer be published despite their exploration of and relevance to today’s … Read More

Review: Get Out – does the politically charged horror comedy live up to the hype?

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Receiving a coveted 99% ‘freshness’ score on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s safe to say there has been no shortage of hype surrounding the release of Jordan Peele’s directorial debut, Get Out, a comedy horror film exploring the current realities of racism in America. Prior to the screening, there were fears that … Read More

Breaking Bad: The Supercut – Can TV become film?

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Breaking Bad was unequivocally one of the most popular television series ever. It’s antepenultimate episode Ozymandias currently stands at a glowing 10/10 on IMDb, a feat not even the most popular movie on that website has managed to conquer. Brian Cranston’s meteoric rise to power and moral duplicity is well … Read More

Review: Viceroy’s House – Stylish yet disappointing portrayal of colonial rule

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Harnessing exceptional potential, Viceroy’s House remarkably fails to deliver a believable portrayal of the remaining few months of British colonial rule in India. The plot focuses on the separation of India and Pakistan under Lord Mountbatten. It is depicted through the viewpoints of the Indian workforce downstairs, alongside the politically … Read More

Review: Headingley Lit Fest – I Am Alive (I Guess)

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This year’s Headingley Lit Fest focuses on the topic ‘ The Edge’. Literary figures have been challenged with the task of expressing how ‘The Edge’ plays a significant role in their work and the ways in which they express this. On Wednesday 8th March, I attended the fascinating event, I … Read More