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Seize the Memes of Production: The Communist Comedy Revolution

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Rose Crees delves into why cultural and artistic communicative formats of 2017 are returning to the Communism that was supposedly left in the 20th Century. The first trailer for Armando Iannucci’s latest project, The Death of Stalin, stormed onto the internet this week with the first glimpse at what lies beyond … Read More

NT Live: Angels in America Parts One and Two Review

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Lucy Milburn dives deep into the explosive and sensational rebirth of Tony Kushner’s revolutionary play as NT Live broadcast both parts of the theatrical event on the year. The National Theatre’s adaptation of Tony Kushner’s milestone in American theatre has been met with ferocious praise throughout its run and NT … Read More

England Is Mine Review

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Stephanie Bennett gives us the rundown on the controversial biopic every indie fan will want to see. The recently-released biopic about the teenage life of Morrissey in the 1970s manages to capture not only his pretentious dramatism but somehow succeeds in making it charming. Despite this, the film has drawn … Read More

The Ferryman Review

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Heather Nash explains why Jez Butterworth’s latest Irish drama is not one to be missed. Jez Butterworth has been a playwright for more than 25 years, and yet he has only written a handful of plays independently in that time. So not a prolific playwright then, but you can forgive … Read More

The Arts Netflix Weekend Watchlist: Volume 17

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Bring on the blood. This week’s watchlist is dedicated to the most violent films available on our favourite streaming service because I needed a theme and there’s just something so enjoyable about the spurting of copious fake blood from wounds on screen. Required stomach strength increases as we tick through … Read More

RSC Salome Review

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Juliette Rowsell challenges the ambitious desires of Owen Horsley as he reshapes Oscar Wilde’s female-centric tale into an all-male performance reflecting, the struggle of its playwright. Salome has always been a play intoxicated with its own mystery. But tonight in Owen Horsley’s production of Oscar Wilde’s most serious play, this … Read More

NT Salome Review

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Chloe-Louise Saunders recounts the National Theatre’s immersive and intense take on Wilde’s late Victorian tale – while vibrant and nuanced, is this a play where less is more? It’s a Saturday night, my red wine is in my hand (what I believe to be a perfect aesthetic representation of what … Read More

The “film many of us need to see right now”: Dunkirk Review

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Chloe Smith delves into Christopher Nolan’s most recent work as she explores the function of its blockbuster form. Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan’s latest offering, is a refreshingly minimalist piece compared to his previous works like Inception or Interstellar. Dunkirk quickly becomes a nail-biting, cinematic thriller, more so than a classic account of … Read More

The Arts Netflix Weekend Watchlist: Volume 16

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We’re just about halfway and summer is slipping away fast folks so this week’s watchlist is all about bang for your buck. You could do all three of these in an afternoon and still have plenty of time for frolicking among the hydrangeas. All three clock-in at under 90 minutes … Read More

‘BP or not BP?’ – That is the Question of Student Theatre Subsidies

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From odious oil spills to fat-cat theft – Rose Crees discusses why subsidised student theatre tickets are too good to be true. On the 28th of July 2016 BP announced, to the great dismay of all self-respecting and morally-sound theatre and art lovers in the UK, that they had signed (in … Read More