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Show Tunes & Toilet Humour: Shrek The Musical At Leeds Grand Theatre

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Since the dawn of cinema, the stage and the screen have had a two-way relationship. Whether it’s Disney fans passionately arguing that The Lion King stage show far eclipses the original film, or movies like The Producers, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Hello Dolly bringing an existing theatre darling … Read More

Frida Kahlo: A Lifetime of Pain Painted into an Everlasting Revolution

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Trigger Warning: Graphic description of personal injury  Frida Kahlo is known today as one of the twentieth century’s most influential painters. The transcendence of her art is a testament to its cultural significance and relevance in contemporary society. Kahlo’s immortalisation has moulded her into a public persona that’s often idolised … Read More

The Lion King 2019: Is Cashing In On Nostalgia Always A Bad Thing?

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As the many fans of Disney’s The Lion King get ready for the 2019 release of the remake and relive the epic story that has moved so many, I am stepping in to question the criticism that it has been receiving in the media. I challenge a Lion King fan … Read More

25 Years On, Jurassic Park Remains One Of The Defining Films Of The Action-Thriller Genre

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It’s a film that’s been revered and adored by so many people; one that captured the imaginations of countless children; revolutionised the use of CGI in cinema and set a new benchmark for blockbuster success, by all measures a true ‘classic’. And until a few days ago, I had never … Read More

Ralph Breaks The Internet Is Sweet Without Being Saccharine

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At first glance, ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ seems to be a brightly coloured, cleverly animated and tooth-achingly sweet story about two best friends that go on a rampant adventure around the internet. While it is all these things, the film is truly a tale about the sacrifices and heartbreak friendships … Read More

Creed 11 is Both Loving Tribute and Brand New Ground

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The 8th film in the Rocky series, Creed II, stands as a tribute to the classic Rocky films, while also managing to tell its own excellent story. Following on from the previous film, protagonist Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) continues his journey as a heavyweight boxing contender under the guidance … Read More

Random, Radical, or Just Radiation? Fusing Art with the Atom

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Chernobyl. The name doesn’t often crop up in slick advertisements, or in the dusty windows of foregone travel agents. Instead, it’s more likely associated with images of toxic waste, flashing warning symbols and widespread sickness than your next sun-soaked holiday in the Mediterranean. Now, it’s set to be home to … Read More

Review: LUU Theatre Group’s Proof

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“When people have asked me what this show is about, my immediate reaction is ‘Maths!” but Proof isn’t really about maths” Beth Wilson eloquently puts it in her director’s notes on the programme. Family, trust, mental illness, bereavement, all things that Proof is really about, while also being a bit … Read More

Haunting and Heartwarming: Opera North’s Silent Night at Leeds Town Hall

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The Christmas truce of 1914 has to be one of the most remarkable events in the history of mankind; we’re talking about a story in which thousands of valorous men left their trenches to unite with those who’d aimed to kill them in the sanguinary months prior. Whilst you may … Read More

Not Such Quiet Girls: A Contemporary Opera

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Opera North’s Not Such Quiet Girls is a contemporary story of the first world war and a contemporary stance on opera. It completely subverted my expectation of the art form, of the singing in a language I cannot understand on a grand, proscenium arch stage with a huge orchestra. Instead, … Read More