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Seize the Memes of Production: The Communist Comedy Revolution

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Rose Crees delves into why cultural and artistic communicative formats of 2017 are returning to the Communism that was supposedly left in the 20th Century. The first trailer for Armando Iannucci’s latest project, The Death of Stalin, stormed onto the internet this week with the first glimpse at what lies beyond … Read More

Review: Matter of Bodies/Bodies that Matter

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With a promise to explore ‘the body as object, as landscape, and as commodity’, the artists behind Matter of Bodies | Bodies that Matter had a lot to fit into the confines of LS6’s intimate events space.   On entry, you are confronted with a video montage considerately entitled ‘If … Read More

Review: Spelling Bee – Musical Theatre Society

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Musical Theatre Society’s latest production takes us back to those cringe-ridden days of adolescence with an unashamed brashness and humour. In presenting us with some of the darker sides of growing up face on with laughter, charm and song, the production spells for a night of light-hearted triumph. Walking in, … Read More

Leeds Art Gallery: Is lack of funding becoming a prominent problem?

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The Leeds Art Gallery has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign in the hopes of raising £17,000 in thirty days so that artist Lothar Götz can create a contemporary, abstract painting as Leeds City Gallery reopens in October. The Art Fund’s Art Happens Initiative will hopefully fund the ‘immersive and site-specific … Read More

Richard Mosse: Incoming – Reimagining a contemporary issue through an unexpected medium

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Seeing Incoming marked my first visit to the Barbican Centre, which meant a brief, yet anxious period of traipsing around a brutalist labyrinth of concrete in order to find the exhibition space. I don’t think I have ever felt more lost than when I was searching for an entrance in … Read More

Review: ‘Listen Up’ at the Art Hostel

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To celebrate National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day, Basis Yorkshire brings us ‘Listen UP’, an inspiring and thought-provoking exhibition about the journey of young people who have experienced sexual exploitation. This interactive exhibition takes us on a journey of a sexually exploited young woman. We begin at the initial stage … Read More

Can the Guardian recover from the loss of Lyn Gardner?

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Renowned journalist and theatre critic Lyn Gardner has recently had her contract with the Guardian slashed on the account of monetary cuts. While she will continue to write reviews and features for the Guardian, her consistent blogs will no longer be published despite their exploration of and relevance to today’s … Read More

Humans of Leeds: Humanity on Display

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Following in the footsteps of other Human’s Of… photography projects, LUU hosted an event of its own. Camille Hanotte went along to check out the innovative new piece. As I was walking down the stairs in LUU, I didn’t really know what to expect from the collaboration between Humans of … Read More

Why Moonlight needed to win Best Picture

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When Jordan Horowitz declared that Moonlight had in fact won ‘Best Picture’ instead of La La Land, as first announced, he used the phrase: ‘This is not a joke.’ But it is. Hollywood and its award ceremonies are a monumental joke. When La La Land was mistakenly given the award … Read More

These books were alive; they spoke to me – Dora Garcia at The Tetley

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The latest exhibiton to grace The Tetley features the work of Dora García. In The Middle takes a look at this daring literary work .. Running from 3rd February to 23rd April, Barcelona-based artist Dora García presents her first institutional solo show in the UK. The exhibition explores her career-long … Read More