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Immersive ‘Black Rock’ Shows What It Is To Be Human

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From the creator of ‘The Weather Café’, ‘Black Rock’ is another of David Shearing’s innovative and immersive performances with the aim of imitating the sensations of climbing. Arts Writer, Liberty Anstead, describes her experience with this deeply personal and transcendent piece of art. Not knowing what to expect, my friend … Read More

Wearing his heart on his sleeve – ‘Grayson Perry’s Dresses’ at the Walker

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‘Making Himself Claire: Grayson Perry’s Dresses’ opened at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool on Saturday and features many of the dresses worn by the artist when dressing up as his female persona Claire. Perry describes himself as a transvestite and has been cross-dressing as ‘Claire’ since he was a … Read More

No Man’s Land: WW1 Through A Different Lens

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As the status of women becomes even more paramount, particularly within the creative industries, the present touring exhibition at Impressions Gallery in Bradford arrived at the appropriate time. No Man’s Land is a unique and rare glimpse into the First World War from the female perspective. The exhibition offers photographic … Read More

Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald: The Artists Painting the Obamas’ Official Portrait

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Obama’s choice for his and Michelle Obama’s official portraits are a break from tradition, as he opts for two artists whose styles explore an underrepresented part of American life. The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery announced last Friday that Barack and Michelle Obama have chosen artists Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald … Read More

Street Art: Public Nuisance or Counter-Cultural Force?

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To a large proportion of the older generation, graffiti is nothing more than vandalism. However, much of the younger generation is waking up to the innate creativity involved in this art form,  Editor-in-Chief, Reece Parker, investigates where the line should be drawn as to the merit of such work. From … Read More

Turner Prize 2017 set to be the most diverse yet

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This year’s Turner Prize takes place at the Ferens Gallery in Hull – named the ‘City of Culture’ for 2017 – and is one of the most diverse Turner Prize shows yet. The recent removal of the age limit for nominations (previously it was only open to artists under 50) … Read More

Seeing Leeds In A Whole New Light

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Martha Sanders and Anya Loudon explore the best bits of  Leeds Light Night Festival 2017. On the 5th and 6th of October Leeds was lit up for the thirteenth annual Light Night Festival. As the sun went down the city lit up and dozens of installations attracted intrigued crowds. From … Read More

Loneliness Through a Lens: An Examination of Loneliness

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With the official submission of the Leeds bid for 2023 European Capital of Culture just weeks away, the city is teeming with events celebrating its diverse and rapidly transforming cultural landscape. It is interesting, therefore, that The Leeds Story Gallery at The Leeds City Museum, a space that prides itself … Read More

Nude Mona Lisa Discovery

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If Da Vinci created a nude sketch of the Mona Lisa, does this change how we view his most famous painting? A 16th century charcoal drawing of a topless woman, known as the Monna Vanna, bears a strong resemblance to Leonardo da Vinci’s preeminent oil painting, the Mona Lisa: the … Read More

Simon Armitage Joins School of English

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Simon Armitage, one of the UK’s leading contemporary poets, has just joined the staffing team at the University of Leeds, School of English. Some of his multi-award winning poetry collections include Out of the Blue and Paper Aeroplanes. Armitage has also been a big contributer to contemporary translation, some notable … Read More