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Hollywood’s Binary Sexuality Problem

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In an industry where LGBTQ+ characters have historically been treated as tropes, plot devices and stereotypes, it seems as though an effort has been made to change the way LGBTQ+ characters are presented on our screens. In recent years particularly, with television programmes such as Orange is the New Black … Read More

The Crisis of Crisis Film

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Film is a complex medium that can contain the perfect formula to provide its audience with happiness while possessing the right amount of emotional depth. Crisis can be the perfect strategy to momentarily tug at a Western audience’s heartstrings in this way. It is the necessary ingredient that directors use … Read More

Phantom Thread: Daniel Day-Lewis’ final lacy, bespoke project?

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Paul Thomas Anderson’s unwavering vision for a psychologically mesmerizing historical-drama of a vintage, 1950s London is a meticulously crafted specimen. While it takes it time to unfold, it is embroidered by a tremendous amount of mental manipulation, a harrowing sense of order—or lack thereof—and a little fashion. The calculated dressmaker, … Read More

Padmaavat: worth the controversy?

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After Bajirao Mastani, it’s quite evident that period films are child’s play for Indian director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. He so effortlessly creates his latest film, Padmaavat with as much, if not more, glamour and skill. The film is based on the fictional poem written by Sufi poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi, … Read More

‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ – The Film That Doesn’t Commit

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Arts writer, Ananya Sriram, discusses the  racial problems in  ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’. It seems that issues of race and its portrayal in film have become an integral part of the discussion surrounding the Oscars every year. Increasing focus is given not only to diversity in films, exemplified by … Read More

Heartless Heartthrobs

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Arts Editor, Rose Crees, discusses whether Zac Efron portraying Ted Bundy is potentially problematic. 2017 was a year of unprecedented bizarreness. Its twelve months included events such as: Kendall Jenner attempting to initiate world peace through the sheer power of Pepsi, the Babadook’s much celebrated coming out (thank you Netflix) … Read More

Going Postal for the Post

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Arts Editor Steph Bennett reviews recent biopic ‘The Post’. A recently-released film detailing the huge and enduring coverup of The Vietnam War, The Post was a stunning arrangement that boasts not only a star-studded cast, but the incredible true story that journalists still struggle with today: freedom of the press. … Read More

Is Coco’s representativeness Pixar’s peak?

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For decades the dynamic medium of animation has been extremely popular in children’s film and Disney Pixar has long been churning out some of the best films the industry has to offer. It seems miraculous that Pixar can come up with so many concepts when limited by a strict Disney … Read More

How the mighty have fallen – the tragic decline of Netflix’s film selection

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The competition between streaming services for film quality is becoming a battle of the titans and Netflix is being punched repeatedly in the stomach. This year’s big Christmas addition on Netflix was Love Actually. On Amazon Prime it was It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s hard to find a better way … Read More

The Disaster Artist: sticks to its roots, lives up to the hype

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In 2003, The Room was a film that passed through most moviegoer’s minds without a second thought. Initially intended to be a Tennessee Williams level drama, this film premiered in two theatres in Los Angeles. With an alleged budget of over $6 million, the film made less than $2000 in … Read More