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Goodbye Christopher Robin: a must for Winnie-the-Pooh lovers everywhere

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Lifestyle and Culture editor, Bella Davis, switches to Arts this week and takes a look at Simon Curtis’ latest weepy. Some stories are so good; you wish they would never end and the tales of the wondrous 100-acre woods are no different. I really don’t think there are many people … Read More

The Arts Netflix Weekend Watchlist: Issue 2

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This week’s watchlist honours Black History Month by looking at 3 very different (but all excellent) films, each hugely significant in their own right both as pieces of cinema and cultural landmarks. These films are recommended with a special shout-out to Ava DuVernay who’s responsible for this week’s Friday/Saturday double … Read More

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Dials the Action Up to 11

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The first film managed to pull-off a charming, self-aware tribute to the over-the-top spy films of old. Newspaper Associate, Robert Cairns, looks at Kingsman: The Golden Circle to see if it’s managed to keep its charm despite being bigger and better than before. It’s fair to say that 2014’s Kingsman: … Read More

Female-Centric and Emotionally Charged: Gerald’s Game

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Insular and oppressive, Gerald’s Game, torments the viewer and its female protagonist as Zoe Louca explores the ’emotional depth’ in this horror film. Following the huge success of the adaptation of Stephen King’s It, which is now the highest grossing horror film of all time, comes the less-anticipated film Gerald’s Game which … Read More

Is the film industry diverting diversity?

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From personal experience, Aneeka Hussain takes a look at the bigger picture of minority representation in film. It’s no secret that the film industry is ride with old, white male actors. Actors who have become a symptom of the industry and used to tell a range of stories – most … Read More

The Arts Netflix Weekend Watchlist: Issue 1

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We all have that friend – the crowdpleaser. Everyone loves them and they’re a one-size-fits-all kinda guy or gal so this week’s theme is in honour of those pals. These Netflix films are quick wins, easy peasy ones pretty much guaranteed to please even the most discerning of viewers.   … Read More

‘IT’ Review

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Is It a bad film? No. But it is a very faithful adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, and as a result it does inherit a lot of the flaws of King’s writing. It ends up being a worse film than it could have been, and it’s largely to do with … Read More

Carnival Messiah: Proof that We Need Art

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Following her summer of research, investigating why this explosion of culture and vision is so important, Anna May tells us more about Carnival Messiah preceeding its showing tomorrow at West Yorkshire Playhouse. When I applied to do a summer research project on ‘The Impact and Legacy of Carnival Messiah’, I never imagined … Read More

God’s Own Country Review

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Juliette Rowsell casts her thoughts on Francis Lee’s local masterpiece and why it we need it on our screens now, more than ever. It feels remarkable that Francis Lee’s directorial debut was written before the implications of last year’s Brexit referendum. A love story between a permanently-frowning farmer and a … Read More

Seize the Memes of Production: The Communist Comedy Revolution

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Rose Crees delves into why cultural and artistic communicative formats of 2017 are returning to the Communism that was supposedly left in the 20th Century. The first trailer for Armando Iannucci’s latest project, The Death of Stalin, stormed onto the internet this week with the first glimpse at what lies beyond … Read More