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Daddy’s Home 2: ‘does itself no favours’

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Arriving just in time for the Christmas season, the Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg-led comedy Daddy’s Home 2 hopes to recapture similar laughs as its first iteration, while adding comedy legend John Lithgow and the recently rebounding Mel Gibson as Ferrell and Whalberg’s character’s fathers, respectively, in the hopes of bringing even … Read More

Leeds 2023: a cultural loss by popular vote

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After 4 years of hard work, a million pounds worth of investment, and the submission of ideas by hundreds of residents, Leeds has been dealt a devastating blow.  It’s aspirations of becoming European Capital of Culture in 2023, along with those of Belfast, Dundee, Milton Keynes and Nottingham, lie in … Read More

New Star Wars Triology- A Cynical Hollywood Cashgrab?

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It was announced earlier this month that Rian Johnson, director of the upcoming eighth instalment to the Star Wars series, The Last Jedi, is set to direct a “brand new trilogy”, entirely separate from Episodes VII-IX. Reading this news on, I couldn’t help but feel like the quotes from … Read More

The Arts Netflix Weekend Watchlist: Volume 18

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On this week’s watchlist I’m giving you an 80’s themed selection to fill that humungous Stranger Things shaped hole. Friday – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Genre: Comedy A film about a slick high schooler who has a talent for evading class. Ferris (Matthew Broderick) takes us on an adventure … Read More

The Problem with Apu: When Stereotypes Aren’t Funny Anymore

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As an almost permanent fixture of primetime TV for 28 years, The Simpsons has become an integral part of our cultural landscape. But there’s an intrinsic problem with this most beloved of cartoons, the subject of which is explored in comedian Hari Kondabolu’s new documentary, The Problem with Apu. Although … Read More

Justice League: aims high but hits studio interference

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The path to a live action Justice League adaptation has been long, rocky and uneven. From starting production with director Zack Snyder, to bringing Joss Whedon on to do rewrites and reshoots after the untimely death of Snyder’s daughter, these troublesome issues are only a small bump in the road … Read More

The Battle of the Titans: Marvel and DC’s Cinematic Universe

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With the release of ‘Justice League’, DC’s plan for an expansive cinematic universe has been set in motion. But how do their films compare to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and what makes them so different? Marvel and DC Entertainment are two powerhouse franchises that always seem to be placed in … Read More

Robert Pattinson Shines in the Safdie Brothers’ ‘Good Time’

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Good Time, the Safdie Brothers’ new A24-distributed crime-thriller, kicks into action with an understated daylight bank heist. After the money is exchanged via scribbled notes of threat, a concealed dye-pack leads to a crashed car and a pair of robbers on the run: our protagonist Constantine ‘Connie’ Nikas (Robert Pattinson) … Read More

When Age Is More Than Just A Number

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Whilst male actors often have no issues finding work later in life, actresses are rarely afforded the same luxury. Arts writer, Aneeka Hussain, investigates the intersection between ageism and sexism in the film industry. The clock is ticking. You’re getting older and suddenly childhood is a fleeting moment far behind … Read More

Behind the scenes at Leeds International Film Festival 2017

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Holly Radford tells Arts what it’s like working at one of Leeds’ biggest and most exciting creative events. The Leeds Independent Film Festival is a celebration of all things film, allowing for new and undiscovered artists to make their debut as well as old, well loved classics to return to … Read More