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Johnny Depp: New Movies and #MeToo

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There is a disturbingly long, and ever-growing, list of sexual assault allegations made against some of the most reputable men in Hollywood. The media frenzy around the #MeToo movement has been wide, and criticism about Johnny Depp and his casting in the Fantastic Beasts franchise is no exception. The public … Read More

The Reports on Sarah and Saleem Is A Nuanced Look At Palestinian Life

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Leeds Palestinian film festival got underway today with Muayad Alayan’s Palestinian-set domestic drama ‘The Reports on Sarah And Saleem’. Centring around the extra-marital affair of the titular Saleem (Adeeb Safadi), a delivery driver from East Jerusalem who smuggles goods across the West Bank Barrier in order to help provide for … Read More

Five Films To Get You Into The Early Christmas Spirit

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It’s chilly outside, the streets are filled with lights, and your annoying flatmate is already playing Fairytale of New York. This can only mean one thing: Christmas is once again nearly upon us! And whether you’re that annoying flatmate or a bigger Scrooge that Scrooge himself, one thing is indisputable – … Read More

Timeline Tampering: Can Filmmakers Reset the Clock?

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Everybody loves a good film franchise. Star Wars (excluding the prequels), the MCU, even Harry Potter, have been praised by fans and critics alike for their (relatively) consistent quality. Meanwhile the fans of older franchises such as Terminator, have not been so fortunate. Yet, the release of Halloween last month … Read More

Concepts Of Gender Versus Concepts Of Character

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Fans are loyal towards their favourite characters. Often, the biggest backlash a director may face won’t be for changing their camera work or for switching up their staging, but rather, for changing the most noticeable aspect: the casting. Judi Dench – a colossus of the acting world – has been … Read More

Tehran Taboo is a confrontational exposé of the treatment of women in Iran

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Iranian social commentary-driven animated films are, unarguably, a niche sector of the film industry. However, director Ali Soozandeh uses this to his advantage to expose the double standards that exist in Iran surrounding sex, which makes for an original and compelling fictional drama. Tehran Taboo centres around three women, Pari, … Read More

The Hate U Give Review: A Must-Watch That Stands Meaningfully Apart From Its Source Material

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Adapted from the eponymous Angie Thomas novel, the film follows protagonist Starr, who, following the shooting and subsequent death of her childhood friend by a police officer, must decide whether to speak out and potentially rip her community apart or stay silent and betray the memory of her friend. Powerful, … Read More

Problematic Damsels- Are tales of Knights in Shining Armour behind us?

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Cinderella. Sleeping Beauty. Snow White. These titles are just a few of the Disney classics which we are all to varying degrees familiar with. Fantastical tales that follow the same familiar trope: boy meets girl, adversity is faced, obstacles are overcome, rags to riches- you know the one. But these … Read More

Bohemian Rhapsody Review

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‘I want to give the audience a song that they can perform,’ Brian May tells the band. They stamp their feet and clap their hands and in that moment they have it; one of their all-time greatest hits, We Will Rock You. This is how the story goes for most … Read More

Smallfoot Review

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Set in the Himalayas, Smallfoot is an animated musical adventure film directed by Karey Kirkpatrick. The film follows a Yeti named Migo, who become friends with a wildlife documentary filmmaker. The rest of the village do not believe in the existence of humans, known as ‘smallfoots’, thus the protagonist is … Read More