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Is Disney creating a LGBTQ princess?

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Disney. This word is practically synonymous with your-entire-childhood. So, what about Disney princesses? Who springs to mind? Maybe it’s Snow White, the first Disney princess to be in a full-feature animated film; or Sleeping Beauty, the princess who has the least amount of dialogue to date; or maybe even Belle, … Read More

Is Coco’s representativeness Pixar’s peak?

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For decades the dynamic medium of animation has been extremely popular in children’s film and Disney Pixar has long been churning out some of the best films the industry has to offer. It seems miraculous that Pixar can come up with so many concepts when limited by a strict Disney … Read More

How the mighty have fallen – the tragic decline of Netflix’s film selection

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The competition between streaming services for film quality is becoming a battle of the titans and Netflix is being punched repeatedly in the stomach. This year’s big Christmas addition on Netflix was Love Actually. On Amazon Prime it was It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s hard to find a better way … Read More

The Disaster Artist: sticks to its roots, lives up to the hype

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In 2003, The Room was a film that passed through most moviegoer’s minds without a second thought. Initially intended to be a Tennessee Williams level drama, this film premiered in two theatres in Los Angeles. With an alleged budget of over $6 million, the film made less than $2000 in … Read More

Coco: a film that teaches tradition

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If music be the food of love, Coco is a delightful three course dinner. In Pixar’s newest film Coco you are invited to the Land of the Dead where 12 year old Miguel Gonzales is transported after he steals the guitar of the late, great Ernesto De La Cruz, when … Read More

Our Top Ten Films of 2017

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From The Disaster Artist to Blade Runner 2049, Gus Hunninghake takes a look back at some of the best cinema of 2017. Many genres this year saw continued revamps in quality storytelling (horror and action films seem to be getting better at recognizing what’s scary and what good action looks … Read More

Hardly The Greatest Showman

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Hugh Jackman fails to save this shallow film. Wouldn’t it be great if the world was always a happy place where everybody spontaneously broke into song and dance whilst wearing fun and elaborate costumes? Sadly, this is not the case and instead one must immerse themselves in the closest thing … Read More

A Bright Light in Netflix’s Library

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Netflix’s big-budget Will Smith flick is enjoyable, but unremarkable. As far as action and fantasy films go, the recently-added film Bright on Netflix was rather good. It was funny throughout, with some of the witty quips between the two protagonists, human Scott Ward (Will Smith) and orc Nick Jakoby (Joel … Read More

Three Billboards Strikes a Chord

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Akin to watching a William Faulkner novel (albeit several decades late) being brought to life before your very eyes, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri delivers in its poetic comeuppances, sharp-witted screenplay and conflicting characters. Straight to the point, this film expresses important messages of vengeance and forgiveness in an effective … Read More

Times Up: We need to push for action, not words

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In the midst of this watershed moment, where many are calling out sexual misconduct and demanding diversity in the workplace, the importance of not only speaking out, but also taking action, is paramount. The Hollywood industry, in recent years particularly, is one that has been characterised by this struggle for … Read More