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Behind the scenes at Leeds International Film Festival 2017

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Holly Radford tells Arts what it’s like working at one of Leeds’ biggest and most exciting creative events. The Leeds Independent Film Festival is a celebration of all things film, allowing for new and undiscovered artists to make their debut as well as old, well loved classics to return to … Read More

La stoffa dei sogni at LIFF: shaking up Shakespeare

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As part of Leeds International Film Festival, Gianfranco Cabiddu’s creative adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest was shown to fans and students alike – Arts writer Emma Prentice discusses it’s merits. As part of Leeds International Film Festival, LivItaly and the School of English organised a screening of the Italian film La stoffa … Read More

Carnival Messiah: Proof that We Need Art

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Following her summer of research, investigating why this explosion of culture and vision is so important, Anna May tells us more about Carnival Messiah preceeding its showing tomorrow at West Yorkshire Playhouse. When I applied to do a summer research project on ‘The Impact and Legacy of Carnival Messiah’, I never imagined … Read More

Leeds International Film Festival 2014 roundup

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For the past two weeks Leeds International Film Festival has taken over cinema screens in Leeds, delivering the very best in new British and foreign films to the masses. With a programme comprised of over 250 screenings over 16 days in 14 venues across the city there was something to … Read More

From 2001 to Interstellar: What do our views of the extra-terrestrial say about us?

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In the recent hype around the release of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, many have noted the film’s obvious links to Kubrick’s widely renowned masterpiece of the genre, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Along with many Leeds-based film fans, this week I was amazed to find myself in the quite miraculous position of … Read More

Benedict Cumberbatch is rightly tipped for Oscar glory for his potrayal of genius Alan Turing

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Image: Black Bear Pictures A witty, poignant and powerful film, The Imitation Game handles its subject manner brilliantly, giving the viewer a look in to one of the true geniuses in British history: Mathematician and code-cracker Alan Turing. Much has been made of Benedict Cumberbatch’s turn as the anti-social mastermind, … Read More

Vertical Cinema is a unique experience, but should there be more?

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I suppose it’s something we take for granted, that cinema is presented in widescreen.  Over its history, film production practice has stretched ratios wider and wider with the intention of better immersing the viewer; quite literally wrapping them within the image.  However, ‘Vertical Cinema’, recently exhibited as part of the … Read More

Film | Leeds International Film Festival is packed with Oscar contenders

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Image: Flickr One of the highlights of the city’s culture calendar, Leeds International Film Festival returns for its 28th year with a programme packed full of new releases, cult classics, underground breakthroughs and spectacular documentaries. The festival takes place November 5th-20th with over two hundred and fifty screenings across the … Read More

Film | The Rocket touches down

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Photo: Eureka Entertainment   During the Laotian Civil War more than 2 million tons of bombs were dropped on Laos, by both US and Laotian air forces, 30 percent of which failed to explode immediately. These unexploded bombs, so-called ‘sleeping tigers’, litter the landscape of Kim Mordaunt’s multiple award-winning feature, … Read More

LIFF | Stranger by the Lake – An erotic thriller that's neither erotic nor thrilling

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video: Les Films du Worso Stranger by the Lake has been leaving its mark on the festival circuit. Half thriller, half gay love story, it won the Cannes Best Director Award for Alain Guiraudi and the Queer Palm. At the height of a hot French summer, in a popular cruising … Read More