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Review: Open Theatre’s Being Tommy Cooper

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With a live brass band, hosts decked out in fishnets and cocktail-topped cabaret tables, you could’ve been forgiven for mistaking Leeds for Las Vegas with Open Theatre’s last show of the semester, Being Tommy Cooper. Director Charlotte Ranson’s portrayal of a flawed yet adored comedy-magician was treated with sensitivity and … Read More

Review: The Nutcracker

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David Nixon’s OBE version of The Nutcracker performed at the Leeds Grand Theatre is a dream-like fairy tale for children and adults alike. Tchaikovsky’s iconic score creates a perfect backdrop for the ballet dancing. The story takes place on Christmas day, when Clara is presented with a wooden Nutcracker doll … Read More

Show Tunes & Toilet Humour: Shrek The Musical At Leeds Grand Theatre

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Since the dawn of cinema, the stage and the screen have had a two-way relationship. Whether it’s Disney fans passionately arguing that The Lion King stage show far eclipses the original film, or movies like The Producers, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Hello Dolly bringing an existing theatre darling … Read More

Review: LUU Theatre Group’s Proof

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“When people have asked me what this show is about, my immediate reaction is ‘Maths!” but Proof isn’t really about maths” Beth Wilson eloquently puts it in her director’s notes on the programme. Family, trust, mental illness, bereavement, all things that Proof is really about, while also being a bit … Read More

Review: Music Theatre Society Presents Bare

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In Music Theatre Society’s Bare,  directed by James Marsh, a group of Catholic school students navigate the complexities of their faith along with their own coming-of-age woes, dealing with themes like teenage pregnancy, drug use, sexuality and bullying. Along with more conventional and at times predictable plot points, fear not: … Read More

‘Harvey’: Berkoff’s prospective play about a predator

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Harvey Weinstein is a name anyone who has turned on the news or opened Twitter in the last year will be familiar with. Most people are also painfully aware of the horrible acts he committed to receiving this kind of global infamy and how his ousting has had a ripple, … Read More

A Christmas Carol at Leeds Playhouse

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Online Arts Editor Hannah Stokes reviews Deborah McAndrew’s theatre adaptation of A Christmas Carol, which is on at Leeds Playhouse until 13th January 2019 Although going to see Deborah McAndrew’s theatre adaptation of A Christmas Carol in November, I was filled with Christmas spirit before the play even began, thanks to the … Read More

Shut Up, Helen Is A Sincere Look At The Reality Of Mental Health Issues

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At first glance the concept of a musical comedy about mental health seems insensitive. But based on the writer’s own struggles and using original music, the play sheds light on the very topical issue of mental health and raises awareness with care. The concept; a girl named Valerie, portrayed by … Read More

Review: Theatre Group’s Doctor Faustus

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Theatre Group’s production of Doctor Faustus was directed by Olivia Allen and adapted into the modern era from Christopher Marlowe’s 1592 classic. It follows Faustus, an academic who turns to black magic in a thirst for limitless knowledge. Selling his soul to Lucifer in return for these powers, a tale … Read More

Juliet and Romeo: Is Parting such Sweet Sorrow or an Inevitability?

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Ben Duke’s Juliet and Romeo is a contemporary, theatrical rewriting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Duke rewrites their history so that the ‘star-crossed lovers’ do not, in fact, die in a tragic misunderstanding. Instead, they survive and 20 years on sit in a therapist’s office, confessing their failing relationship which … Read More