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That’s Showbiz: The Right Here Right Now Show

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The stage lights illuminate to a simplistic bohemian style set, hanging plants from the ceiling, Persian rugs on the floor, a vodka bottle hidden to the hosts left. The Right Here, Right Now Show dazzles out in swirly writing from a backdrop of a brick wall imitation. Beautiful live jazz … Read More

Love, Dystopia and Baked Beans: LUU Open Theatre’s Jellyfish

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Lucy Keitley reviews LUU Open Theatre’s Production of Jellyfish, a play by Josh Kirby and Hugo Jones. Jellyfish is a post-apocalyptic tale of the extremities of human existence; broken bonds, tyrannical rulers and finally a hope of blossoming love. The play, written by Hugo Jones and Josh Kirby, follows the … Read More

Rain Man Is A Timeless Classic That Is Just As Sincere As Ever

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Dan Gordon’s stage adaptation of the timeless Hollywood classic Rain Man reminds us of our intrinsic need for compassion, humanity and sensitivity. Reinventing the Oscar-winning film for theatre was always going to have its trials, but with a cast boasting the likes of Matthew Horne (Gavin from Gavin and Stacey) … Read More

Review: The Comedy About a Bank Robbery at Leeds Grand Theatre

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Arts Editor Katherine Corcoran reviews Mischief Theatre’s The Comedy About a Bank Robbery, as it was in its final week last week at Leeds Grand Theatre. Much is to be discussed in our taxi ride home from the opening night showing of The Comedy About a Bank Robbery. I leave … Read More

Greig’s Play Europe WIll Make You Reevaluate What Home Means

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Set in a train station without any trains, David Greig’s border-town drama delves into issues of global conflict and local identity. Through the exploration of relationships and borders, those that are new, old, secure and otherwise, contemporary concerns of internal and external displacement are brought to light within Europe and … Read More

Why There Are No Theatre Celebrities

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I love the theatre. I am what one may call a ‘theatre nerd’. I pride myself on knowing cast lists, touring dates and musical scores off by heart. My Instagram feed is full of Broadway actors, directors and local theatre houses. These are my celebrities, but it has become blatantly … Read More

Is Vlogging Enhancing Our West End Experience?

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In the West End world, a number of actors are sharing their lives through vlogging. Heathers the Musical’s Carrie Hope Fletcher is a prime example, publishing The Veronica Vlogs almost every week, keeping fans updated in all aspects of her life as a lead actress. So does this behind-the-scenes footage … Read More

Passionate and Political: ‘New Nigerians’ Comes to Leeds

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For one night only Oladipo Agboluaje’s political satire of Nigerian politics came to Leeds and the theatre filled predominantly with students ready for an evening of humour. Although advertised as a comedy it is fair to say that generally we learned more than we laughed, which was unexpected yet did … Read More

Meet the New Presidents of LUU’s Theatre Group and Open Theatre

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Views Editor Ed Barnes talks new projects and daunting audition processes with Theatre Group‘s Katie Austin and Open Theatre‘s Eve Walton So first of all, to any readers who haven’t heard of your societies, what is it that you do? EVE: So Open Theatre (OT) is an experimental theatre society. … Read More

Tosca: An Opera for Right Now

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Georgie Burgess reviews Opera North’s production of Tosca, an opera written by Giacomo Puccini that first premiered in 1900. Too many people assume the Opera is not for them. I believe Tosca will prove them wrong. This production is the fourth time that Opera North has staged Puccini’s political thriller, … Read More