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‘Gene Kelly meets Tarzan’: Interview with Crazy for You’s Tom Chambers

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Rose Crees interviews Tom Chambers, Strictly Come Dancing winner and star of BBC’s Casualty, about his latest role as Bobby Child in the ongoing UK tour of Crazy for You which arrives as Leeds Grand on 29th August. ‘Hi, is that Tom?’ ‘It is, it is, it is, yes! That’s perfect timing, just let me … Read More

Evita Shines at Leeds Grand Theatre

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With the election on everybody’s mind, Evita was the perfect musical to be performed at Leeds Grand Theatre  – unless Corbyn the Musical decides to tour anytime soon. Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s politically charged musical takes an autobiographical look of the first lady of Argentina, Eva Peron. Narrated … Read More

Review: The Full Monty @ The Grand – steamy, hilarious fun

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Shrieking, catcalls, cackling laughter and a standing ovation characterised the response to Simon Beaufoy’s production of the Full Monty on its opening night this week. Based on the 1997 film, the story follows a group of redundant steelworkers trying to make money any way they can. ‘Gaz’, effortlessly portrayed by … Read More

Review: Chicago @ The Grand – dazzling dance moves

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“Murder, greed, corruption, exploitation, adultery and treachery” – Chicago stopped by at Leeds Grand Theatre to dazzle audiences with a heavy presence of impressive choreography from the iconic Bob Fosse. This jazz infused musical is far different from the 2001 film adaptation and while this left many unsure of the musical … Read More

Debate: Were the cast of Hamilton right to call out Mike Pence?

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In a story that made headlines and prompted an angry diatribe of tweets from the President-Elect Donald Trump, a couple of weeks ago the cast of Hamilton on Broadway, upon learning Mike Pence was amongst the audience, addressed him publicly at the end of the show to call out his … Read More

Review: SMS Cabaret – Certainly a glitzy performance

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Stage Musicals Society’s latest production of Cabaret certainly delivers the high kicks expected of SMS. However the surface spectacle could not distract from the hollowness at the heart of this production. Cabaret follows a young American writer, Clifford ‘Cliff’ Bradshaw (Michael Ahomka-Lindsay), on his first trip to Berlin. On the … Read More

Review: ‘Ghost The Musical’ at The Grand – over the top enjoyable

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Ghost: The Musical, is an adaptation of the award winning, film. On the 14th of November the show opened in Leeds Grand theatre. The performance certainly had moments of psychic brilliance, which added up to an enjoyable evening. The plot follows Sam (Andy Moss) and Molly (Kelly Hampson), a young … Read More

Review: MT’s Little Shop of Horrors – emotional and enjoyable

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Little Shop of Horrors is the latest musical put on by the LUU Music Theatre Society, who prove yet again that they’re more than capable of putting on a fun, enjoyable, and impressive show. The musical follows two employees of Mister Mushnik’s Flower Shop, a failing business located in grimy, … Read More

T is for Trouble: the dark world of ticket touting

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After a petition against ticket touting picked up 80,000 signatures, Lucy Milburn tackles the thorny issue of touts: Ticket touting: the bane of every music/theatre/sports fan’s life. Sure, it can be a quick fix if you’re willing to splash out for those last-minute events, but industrial-level secondary ticketing is extremely … Read More

Review: The Rocky Horror Show – Stranger than Gail Platt‘s turtlenecks

2 years ago / 2 comments

It‘s not usual to be asked to hand over any water pistols or lighters as you enter the theatre, but this was no normal night at the Leeds Grand. This halloween saw The Rocky Horror Show come to Leeds, a whirlwind of gender blurring, B-movie spooky delights. With an infectious … Read More