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Faith and Freshers’: Do University and Religion Clash?

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Faith and university are often seen as somewhat incompatible. Who has time to go to church on a Sunday morning when you’ve just been out on a Saturday night and your friends are heading out for brunch at LS6?  Yet, having a faith doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to … Read More

National Hugging Day

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Allocated on January 21st because the creator believed it was when people’s spirits were low, falling right between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, National Hugging Day has come around to tell you to hug your nearest and dearest and appreciate the joy of hugs. It goes without saying that hugs are … Read More

“New Year, New Me”: How to Really Change Your Life

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With 2019 looming, we are faced once more with the prospect of New Year’s resolutions, a paradigm indefatigable in its attempts to convince us there’s a better, more successful version of ourselves waiting for us just around the corner. Such an idea drives many to assert New Year’s resolutions with … Read More

Jameela Jamil and Her War on Photoshop

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The Good Place actor Jameela Jamil has called for airbrushing to be banned, saying that it’s a crime against women. Jamil is part of the BBC 100 Women programme this year, an annual series where the BBC compiles a list of 100 inspirational and innovative women of the year. Jamil … Read More

International Animal Rights Day

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Shouldn’t all sentient creatures be respected? International Animal Rights Day on 10th December, serves to remember ‘the billions of animals subjected to deliberate cruelty and killing across the world every year,’ whether that’s by testing cosmetics on them, or destroying their habitats and leaving them helpless. Since March 2013, animal … Read More

Perfect Present Giving or a Chaotic Christmas?

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Every year the 24th of December comes around; Christmas Eve. Stockings hang over the roaring fire. Presents are wrapped neatly and tucked under the tree and the whole family sits down with a mince pie whilst they hum Christmas songs. Ok, wait a second, let’s rewind. That little picture I … Read More

Consumed By Anxiety – Tips For My Loved Ones

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Recently, I have been suffering with one of the strongest and most powerful waves of my anxiety that I’ve ever experienced. Although I’m still a high functioning person getting up and out of the house, the panic attacks which I seem to be having daily (or more) are totally controlling … Read More

Blac or White Chyna? The Endorsement of Whitenicious

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Blac Chyna has recently been under fire for endorsing a skin lightening product called ‘Whitenicious’ and launching it in Nigeria, as a collaboration with Denecia, a pop star from Cameroon. Whitenicious is marketed as a luxury product, sold at approximately £194 per Swarovski-lined jar, and has been said to not bleach skin, but … Read More

Festivities & Faith: Religion During the Holiday Season

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As we enter December, Iqra reflects on what Christmas actually means, and how celebrating it can be different between faiths. The minute that Halloween ends, it’s time to replace those jack-o-lanterns and dangling skeletons with Christmas trees and fairy-lights. However, that’s not the case for those who don’t celebrate Christmas … Read More

The Racism Scandal Destroying Dolce & Gabbana’s Chinese Market

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“One of the biggest disasters in the fashion industry” sounds melodramatic if you haven’t heard about the racism scandal engulfing Dolce & Gabanna. The title is, unfortunately, well-deserved. The Chinese state media newspaper The Global Times used it to describe the recent events surrounding Dolce & Gabbana’s advertisement of their … Read More