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In defence of paper and print: is an eBook ever as good?

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If there’s one thing that immediately comes to mind when I think of happiness, it’s a well thought out bookshelf (think rainbow-organised, neat little rows of content). To me, there are not many things more pleasing than seeking out a beautiful book cover – except turning the pages and finding … Read More

How Jeremy Corbyn has turned Labour into a pressure group

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Last week, a Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) meeting reportedly ended with a fierce argument between Jeremy Corbyn and members of the PLP. The specific nature of the dispute is not yet known. However, the disagreement was important enough for Corbyn to release a defensive yet painfully docile statement from what … Read More

What’s wrong with showing your body, Hartley-Brewer?

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Julia Hartley- Brewer tweeted her views on Emma Watson’s recent Vanity Fair photoshoot. I found her comment, which aligned with many other people’s views on the issue, extremely unsettling: “Feminism, feminism… gender wage gap… why oh why am I not taken seriously… feminism… oh, and here are my (t*ts)!” What’s … Read More

Preparing for a more relaxed Easter holiday

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Take a breath…and we have made it to the last Welfare at Leeds blog of the second term, and what a term it has been. LUU has been home to the World Unite Festival, the Leadership Race and LGBTQ+ History Month. From the Student Advice Centre has come the Light … Read More

The art of overthinking

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We’re all guilty of overthinking about the little things, letting our minds run wild with ‘What If?’s… But is overt hiking alays a bad thing? Emily Merrill discusses… Throughout my life, people have described me as an over thinker. School reports, friendships; it has even become a running joke in … Read More

Welfare at Leeds: Accessible LUU

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Your Union Affairs Officer Jack Palmer writes about all the vents going on across Leeds as part of Disabled Access Day, as well as discussing how the Union Upgrade is affecting students right here at LUU. This weekend, 10th-12th March, there is a range of events, activities and talks taking … Read More

Freshers, metamorphosis, and goo…

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Whilst on my daily (who am I kidding, hourly) scroll through Instagram, I came across a post about caterpillars. The enlightening picture informed me that these little beasts turn into goo whilst in the cocoon. A caterpillar soup if you like. However, what was particularly interesting was studies have shown … Read More

You’ve recovered from an eating disorder… But what happens now?

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Eating disorders are damaging illnesses that can grasp away your happiness for long periods of time. For eating disorders awareness week, Charlie discusses the confusion you may feel once you have recovered from an eating disorder, and how to deal with conflicting feelings. You’ve reached out for support from your closest … Read More

An open letter to anti-feminists

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It’s 2017 and yet some people still have the wrong impression of feminism. This week, Bradley busts the most common myths that still surround it. “Brad, I’ve got this friend coming up over the weekend who you might be in to. She’s really into politics like you, she’s studying at … Read More

Challenging the public perception of life drawing

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The preconception of life drawing as overly sexualised and a little bit weird couldn’t be further from the truth. Maya recounts her experience of trying life drawing for the first time… Up until recently, if you had asked me what my opinion on life drawing was, it wouldn’t have been … Read More