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#GoYellow for Shine

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October has become a popular month of fundraising for charities across the UK. Recognised campaigns currently running are Stoptober, Go Sober for October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so it is certainly a time to loosen your purse strings in the name of a good cause. However, there are charities … Read More

Agony aunt: alcohol and peer pressure at university

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I don’t drink alcohol, but all my friends do, and whenever they’re drunk I feel like I’m on the outside. I don’t want to compromise on my beliefs, but I’m also tired of feeling like I’m missing out. Any advice? Nowadays, there seems to be a common misconception that all … Read More

The road to equality starts here: women in Saudi Arabia can now drive

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On September 26th, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia lifted the ban on women driving. Women in Saudi can now legally drive for the first time since the Iranian revolution. This is as symbolically important as it is practical, for women are being trusted not only to drive, but also to … Read More

Anorexia in the modern day: halloween costumes, slogans, and the fallacy of self control

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Companies coming under fire for inappropriate clothing is nothing new. In 2011, the infamous Anna Rexia dress – possibly the world’s most distasteful Halloween costume – was removed from retailers, yet it still makes a comeback every year. In 2010, Urban Outfitters were forced to pull their ‘Eat Less’ t-shirt … Read More

Squad goals: a look into competitive cheerleading

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When you hear ‘cheerleading’, what comes to mind? At this time, your response may be influenced by the rise in popularity of competitive cheerleading in recent years. The time of cheerleading being a side-line performance to encourage other sports teams is quickly receding into obscurity. In its place, a complex … Read More

Agony aunt: evenings in Leeds

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What else is there to do in Leeds in the evenings if you’re not into clubbing? Leeds is a party city, it’s no secret. It can be daunting arriving in a place where the norm is a night out at Canal Mills or Warehouse, particularly if you don’t enjoy clubbing … Read More

Settling into life at Leeds as an international student: experience and advice

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Settling into the UK at university was completely different to my high school experience in the UK. Nevertheless, it was still a challenge. Initially when I arrived (having lived already in the UK for 6 years previously), I had an idea of British culture. For that reason perhaps my settling … Read More

Everyday Descartes and applying philosophy to first year

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“I think therefore I am” is a saying by the philosopher Descartes in which he portrays himself as a ‘thinking substance’, not a physical thing, and thus ties his existence to his mental self rather than his physical self. In another saying, Descartes expresses that whilst we dream we assume … Read More

Cycling through the US: a travel diary

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When I was younger, my dad would paraphrase a Chinese saying: “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Today, I’m a 4th year medical student and whilst I work hard and I’m good at jumping through hoops, there have been very few times in my life when I was … Read More

Agony Aunt: Long Distance Relationships

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My boyfriend and I are going to different universities. We’ve been together for a year but it’s the first time we’ll be in a long-distance relationship. Everyone keeps telling me long-distance is really hard … Any advice for making it work? Many people assume that long-distance relationships are incredibly difficult. … Read More