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Do Men Find it Hard to Admit To Being Feminists?

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This is not an article on why people across the world are not feminists. That is a completely different debate which can involve culture, political orientation and a wealth of other reasons which I am in no position to argue. This is an article as to why some men, who … Read More

The Rise of the Right?

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October 7th saw Jair Bolsonaro elected as the president of Brazil, a far-right politician whose beliefs are outwardly racist, homophobic and sexist. His repertoire includes comments such as telling a reporter she did not ‘deserve’ to be raped, saying he would rather see his son dead than gay, and stating … Read More

World Kindness Day

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Do we need to begin by being kinder to ourselves first? It’s almost seen as a given that being kind to other people will equate to happiness. However, when you really think about it, most of the motives behind kind acts feed back into how we feel about ourselves in … Read More

Is ‘Girls Support Girls’ Unconditional?

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“Girls support Girls” is a movement that has swept through pop culture, outlining an essential part of feminism as being the mutual support of women by other women. It calls for women to lift each other up instead of tearing each other down, because they can’t begin to overcome the … Read More

Lift The Ban

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A few weeks ago, Ben and Jerry’s were on campus and promoting the Lift the Ban campaign for asylum seekers’ right to work in the UK, or as most of you will remember it: giving out free ice cream for a good cause – a great combination at that! In … Read More

What’s on Your Festive Bucket List?

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First Winter living in Leeds and don’t know what to do now that the nights are colder? Carys provides a shortlist of the very best. The clocks have changed, the nights are drawing in and Leeds is plummeting into what ca n only be described as an arctic climate. Winter … Read More

It’s Okay to Stress About Stress

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International Stress Awareness Week is a welcome reminder that it’s time we start prioritising our wellbeing. For anyone who doesn’t know, this week has been dedicated to talking about stress, mental health issues and setting aside time for self-care. The International Stress Management Association (ISMA) is a UK based charity … Read More

Can A Moustache Mend Mental Health?

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The Movember Foundation is the leading charity changing the face of men’s health by addressing some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health. In recent years, this has grown from the opportunity to avoid shaving for 30 days, to addressing many health … Read More

Regina George, Cliques and BNOCS: Does Popularity Exist at Uni?

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When you think of popularity, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Likeability, being admired, maybe Regina George? At secondary school you almost certainly had a Mean Girls complex. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily had an equivalent of ‘The Plastics’ or someone as wonderfully terrible as Regina, … Read More

Agony Aunt: Help, I’m Struggling To Get Anywhere With Placement Year Applications!

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I am currently on my placement year in Stevenage working for an international defence company in their Supply Chain and Procurement department. In my first 2 months I have travelled to Paris with work, am going to Whitehall to sit in on meetings regarding Brexit and have responsibility for multiple … Read More