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Recipe of the Week: Vegan Breakfast Wrap

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Thought the options for vegan breakfasts ended at chia overnight oats and a bit of PB on rye bread? Then think again! Here’s a tasty breakfast which is a great plant-based alternative to a savoury breakfast wrap which are usually high salt and saturated fat since they’re typically made with … Read More

National Novel Writing Month

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As soon as the clock strikes twelve on the 31st October, it can mean a number of things. The beginning of the countdown to Christmas, the time to throw out pumpkins that are beginning to smell just a little bit off, but mainly, the dawn of NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo (aka National … Read More

Agony Aunt:“I’ve been asked on a first date by a guy on my course. I’ve never been on a date before. Any advice?”

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First dates are always intimidating, no matter how many you’ve been on. Before my first ever date, I felt like I was going to be sick. I was so sure we would have nothing to talk about, or that he would go to the toilet and never come back. Thankfully, … Read More

It’s Time to End Period Stigma

3 months ago / 0 comments

Yasmine discusses the ever-important topic of period stigma, and why normalisation is necessary. “Do you have a tampon?” This is a question often uttered in whispers. What follows is a swift but discreet exchange before the tampon is quickly shoved into a bag or pocket and rushed to the bathroom. … Read More

Leeds Library Survival Guide

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Carys gives blogs the low down on how to survive the library system here at the University of Leeds. Libraries, they are a place of tranquility, of solitude, of calm … aren’t they? No. No they are not. Stereotyped as a place for nerds and try hards to work efficiently, … Read More

Veg Pledge for Cancer Research this November

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One in two people in your life time will get cancer. To help the battle against cancer, Cancer Research UK are urging people to take a Veg Pledge this November to raise money for the cause by getting sponsorships from friends and family. Veg Pledge is a challenge for people … Read More

How To Satisfy Food Cravings on a Vegan Diet

3 months ago / 0 comments

After a long while deliberating, you’ve finally taken the plunge to start your transition to veganism. But then the classic doubtful questions loom… but what about bacon? Chocolate? Scrambled eggs? And of course, cheese?? Despite how strongly you may feel about your motive for transitioning to Veganism, it’s natural to … Read More

Is It Time to Start Admitting We Like Our Courses?

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“Do you like your course?” “Not really…” “Yeah, me neither.” Have you noticed, how easy it is to make friends when you start complaining about how you don’t like your course? Complaining about our courses is the most common ground we can have with any student on campus, but do … Read More

Celebrating Halloween Without Alcohol

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Halloween. A night renowned amongst students for being a blurry, crazy and alcohol-fuelled celebration – often resulting in a horror of a hangover! Although this typical Halloween night can be fun, it becomes easy to forget that it is possible to celebrate the spooky season without having to deal with … Read More

People Have the Right to Change Their Minds About Brexit

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On the 23rd June 2016 51.9% of British voters opted to leave the European Union, based upon lies they had been fed concerning the cost of being in the EU and the supposed benefits of leaving. But no one really knew what Brexit actually meant and even now it is … Read More