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No Pain, No Gain: Are Heels Worth the Hassle?

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“Periods, giving birth, menopause… stilettos.” The process of wearing heels was finely stated by goggle-box star, Chris, a few years back. As an Essex girl myself, I’ve always loved getting glammed up and high heels have always been a staple item of mine and many girls’ wardrobes. So, I’d reached the … Read More

Cowboy Boots: The Marmite of Shoes

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Love them or hate them, the Wild, Wild West is back. That’s right. Cowboy boots are a thing again. Ask someone for their opinion of cowboy boots and you’re likely to get a mixed reception. For some, cowboy boots are a heresy best left for Clint Eastwood in movies only … Read More

K-Fashion: The Streetwear Trend To Look Out For

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With the recent rise of K-pop in the mainstream music circuit, other aspects of Korean culture are achieving similar recognition – namely, Korean fashion. Generally, Koreans choose very on-trend items, and both women and men carefully select their chosen ensembles. This results in outfits that implement colour without looking too … Read More

Alexa, what should I wear today?

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Earlier this year, electronic commerce mogul Amazon released a truly innovative piece of technology: a voice-controlled selfie camera to help you decide what to wear and give fashion tips, in a way not dissimilar to Queer Eye’s Tan France – except, of course, without the human warmth, friendliness, and the … Read More

Ottomondi and Dada J.W. Ford storm the Tokyo Runway

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Katherine Corcoran gives her round up of recent Tokyo Fashion Week.  Hyper-modern streetwear took centre stage at Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo’s Spring/Summer 2019 shows, a testament to the cosmopolitan metropolis that is the Japanese capital. With design primarily rooted in experimental, rather futuristic looks, the scope of work at Japan’s … Read More

Everything you need to know about the 2018 British Fashion Awards

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The Fashion Awards are hosted by the British Fashion Council, and this year are in partnership with Swarovski. The ceremony will go ahead on December 10th at London’s Royal Albert Hall. The nominees for the awards have been revealed, with new comers and previous nominees making appearances among the names … Read More

Suit-ably Dressed Women

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The powersuit first made its comeback back on the AW17 runways, proving that it means business and is here to stay. From the elegant Meghan Markle to the outrageous Lady Gaga, suits worn by women have never been more on trend. Suits have been a symbol of female power since … Read More

The Rise of Influencer Fashion

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Saffron Clark invites us to give a second thought over why we feel the compulsion to update our wardrobes weekly. In a world where fashion and clothing are so accessible and easy to obtain, we seem to be buying it all, with no limits. As someone who loves to shop, … Read More

Icons Only: The Most Memorable Styles on Stage

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Move over Ed Sheeran, jeans just don’t cut it. Lydia Flack looks at some of the most iconic styles ever to grace the big stage. Beyoncé No this is not a look from the 2018 MET Gala, Beyoncé just does this. Emphasising her pregnancy glow with enough gold and jewels … Read More

“Boobs Are Back” But Where Did They Go?

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Iona Tompkins explains why we need to stop treating women’s bodies as commercial trends. When the New York Post published their controversial article ‘Boobs are back in a big way’, it can only be assumed they were hoping for some idle clickbait, rather than the wave of (completely justifiable) backlash … Read More