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The Rise of Influencer Fashion

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Saffron Clark invites us to give a second thought over why we feel the compulsion to update our wardrobes weekly. In a world where fashion and clothing are so accessible and easy to obtain, we seem to be buying it all, with no limits. As someone who loves to shop, … Read More

Icons Only: The Most Memorable Styles on Stage

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Move over Ed Sheeran, jeans just don’t cut it. Lydia Flack looks at some of the most iconic styles ever to grace the big stage. Beyoncé No this is not a look from the 2018 MET Gala, Beyoncé just does this. Emphasising her pregnancy glow with enough gold and jewels … Read More

“Boobs Are Back” But Where Did They Go?

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Iona Tompkins explains why we need to stop treating women’s bodies as commercial trends. When the New York Post published their controversial article ‘Boobs are back in a big way’, it can only be assumed they were hoping for some idle clickbait, rather than the wave of (completely justifiable) backlash … Read More

Moschino x H&M: Making High Fashion More Affordable?

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Sara Nazir reviews Jeremy Scott’s upcoming collaboration with the high street brand. From Versace to Balmain and Stella McCartney to Roberto Cavalli, the list of designers that H&M have collaborated with is impressive to say the least. Earlier this year, the fast-fashion retailer announced that they would be collaborating with … Read More

Has fashion lost its meaning?

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If someone were to tell you today that fashion is an art form, you would probably dismiss them as pretentious. And yet, at one point in time, this was considered to be true: fashion was an art form, and a highly celebrated one at that. But does this still ring … Read More

Abloh brings wizardry to Mayfair with new Louis Vuitton pop up store

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Last week saw the upper echelon of London’s social scene skip down the yellow brick road created by Virgil Abloh in the heart of Mayfair. Abloh’s Wizard of Oz concept pop-up store was home to the Louis Vuitton men’s SS19 collection in all its visionary glory. Rita Ora, Idris Elba … Read More

Leeds’ Biggest Fashion Event Returns

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The biggest fashion event in Leeds is back in February.   Every year Leeds Raise and Give society put together a catwalk fashion show in aid of charity. For its 11th year, the Leeds Rag Fashion Show – under the direction of Arabella Bowes and Tamika Hewitt – will be … Read More

Philip Green named as businessman at the heart of British #MeToo scandal

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Two weeks ago an old man strode into a teen clothing shop, spotted a pink pop-up stand promoting a collection of feminist essays and, offended to his misogynistic core, demanded that staff tear it down 20 minutes after its erection. A week on from his tantrum in Topshop (which he … Read More

Met Gala 2019: What to expect from the fashion’s best-dressed event.

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The Met Gala is one of the most prestigious and highly-anticipated events in the fashion calendar. Every year, on the first Monday in May, the red carpet is laid and the A-listers flock to show their designer costumes. The theme for 2018 was ‘Heavenly Bodies’, and among the best-dressed were … Read More

DIY Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

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Izzie Ghaffari-Parker shows you how to dress up as your favourite characters from 2018’s Movie and TV, using items you can re-wear even after October 31st. Donna and the Dynamos from Mamma Mia 2 Potentially one of the most hotly anticipated sequels was released this summer, and everyone from our … Read More