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Dive into Dua Lipa’s style file

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Dua Lipa, British singer- songwriter and model, is one of the most stylish celebrity you’ll find. Mixing the most feminine items of clothing with some baggy pieces on tour, at home or on stage, everything works with her body. Dua’s style tells you very clearly that you can wear anything … Read More

Adidas model receives abuse after being pictured with hairy legs

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At the end of last month, Adidas Originals launched their AW17 Bold Women’s campaign, a collection that can be distinguished by the chunky, curved platform sole: the material embodiment of a firm, powerful step… Some might say the metaphor is too obvious. To promote the campaign, through a number of … Read More

Outfit of the week: Darla Dryland

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As we were greeted by grey skies and rain clouds last week, I’ve been wearing my brightest, boldest clothes on campus in the hope that the weather might take a leaf out of my book!  The Coat  As anyone who knows me will know, I am OBSESSED with yellow. When … Read More

Rain rain come again, you give me an excuse to go shopping!

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With winter fast approaching and rainclouds looming overhead, panic buying three pairs of the same black jeans and twenty grey chunky knits may seem like a viable option. Fear not – it is possible to avoid looking like a pig in a blanket during the cold and dreary months. Patent … Read More

Not another puffa!

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Since it was buried by the cool-kids of the 80s, the puffer became a total no-go. A symbol of a dog walker. The perfect accessory to walking boots. Or, alternatively, the item channelling football coach vibes. Under no circumstances was this unflattering marshmallow an acceptable, let alone stylish, item. Yet … Read More

The fashion capital of the north?

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There is a common misconception, as with most industries in this country, that London is the undisputed hub of fashion in the UK. I would argue that we have the potential to rise above London as the new ‘it’ location on the fashion map  with our vast amount of fashion events, … Read More

Thinking Vintage: Our top picks for second hand clothing

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If you like quirky, retro garments, you’ve come to the right University. Leeds provides a hub of vintage clothing shops, ideal for those of us bored of the high street repeats, looking to shop more ethically or just trying to stretch that student loan. The real question is not whether … Read More

Leeds Clubs: What to Wear, Where

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Fashion in Leeds, like the city itself, never sleeps. Whilst there are clubs to suit every music taste under the sun, the accompanying looks are equally diverse. Whether you fancy a ‘jeans and a nice top’ kind of night or want to glam up in heels and a minidress, there’s … Read More

Saving the World with Fashion

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Often unfairly criticised as being a culture built on excess, fashion can instead be  a liberating force for social good. Darla Dryland investigates the glamour behind Oxfam’s festival reselling. As the fabulous festival season draws to a close, many of us will be suffering from the unavoidable post-festival blues. Getting … Read More

Glitter Romance: Festival wear all year round

1 year ago / 0 comments

Festival season is over and it’s time to return to slogging over those essays. While the weather decides to get back to its normal cold and rainy routine, which can do everything to make us feel bad, there is still one great thing happening for us funky students who need … Read More