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Booking on a Budget: Summer Guide

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Berlin As capital cities go, Berlin is remarkably cheap. There is something to interest everyone – the clubbing is unrivalled, the history of the city is presented in such an amazing way and the food is cheap and tasty. The shopping is also great, and every Sunday there is a … Read More

Thirteen Reasons Why: Netflix’s Most Controversial New Show

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Jay Asher’s best-selling novel Thirteen Reasons Why celebrated its tenth anniversary this year with the release of the highly-anticipated Netflix show of the same name, and is all anyone seems to be talking about. Its popularity has brought issues such as suicide and mental health to the fore. In times … Read More

Stand: poetry in plain sight

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Little known to many students, Leeds University is home to Stand Magazine, a prestigious publication on the worldwide literary scene for over half a century. Every day students come and go, completely unaware that somewhere on campus there’s something very special indeed. Tucked away amidst the quiet comings and goings … Read More

The Bengal Brasserie: Tasty traditional Indian cuisine

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Set not far across the road from the Wetherspoons Stick or Twist (remember this, it’ll be crucial later), The Bengal Brasserie is a swanky new Indian restaurant in Leeds City centre, serving a diverse range of Indian and Bengali cuisine. It’s the latest in a line of restaurants that have … Read More

Riverdale: Archie, why so somber?

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Plunging oneself into CW’s Riverdale—streaming now on Netflix—means tolerating shades of pseudo-philosophizing by Jughead (Cole Sprouse), a vehement, fly-on-the-wall novelist setting the tone for each fifty-something minute episodes. Beyond these jerky starts, however, the show is genuinely rooted in its cognizance of paying homage to the classic Archie comics, albeit … Read More

Fantastically Fettle

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This week I headed down to Fettle – a new laid-back café tucked five minutes walk away from the south side of campus. It occupies a brilliant light space (with plans to develop the large garden at the back in time for summer sunshine) at the end of Great George … Read More

Dear Simon Amstell, please forgive us for our carnivorous sins

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It seems that veganism is the new black. I have considered becoming a vegan, and am making cute baby steps towards such an outcome. Enter Carnage: Simon Amstell’s new mockumentary featuring a future world where everyone is a vegan. Amstell has created pure brilliance, it is 2026 and our future … Read More

Five Things to Expect from The New Bake-Off Tent…

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  Less Mary… First things first. There remains an ominous cloud over the sunny weekend of baking as Mary Berry will be universally missed at the Bake-Off tent party. However, as her Majesty reigns over, the released names of the new line up make the forecast actually seem rather sunny. … Read More

Arc, Headingley – The perfect way to ease those mid-Otley Run munchies

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We all know Arc as that slightly classier stop on the Otley Run, but did you know it also serves food? And pretty good food at that. Following the launch of its brand new menu, Jessica Murray went down to check it out…. At first glance, there’s nothing remarkable about … Read More

Joining the Beer Revolution with Brewtown Tours

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With Yorkshire slowly on it’s way to becoming the capital of craft beer, Jessica Murray headed out with Brewtown Tours to sample some of the city’s finest brews… I have to start this article with the admission that I literally know nothing about beer. Until very recently my interest in … Read More