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How Travelling Makes You More Open-Minded

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Whether it’s around your country or to a different one, for working or for pleasure, for a short or a protracted stay, travelling is always an exciting experience. You pack your things and take your car, your train, your flight or just by your feet, together with your expectations and … Read More

Netflix’s The Sinner: An Enthralling Watch

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Based on the novel by Petra Hammesfahr, The Sinner follows Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel), whose life spirals out of control after she commits a seemingly senseless murder in broad daylight. As she tries to unravel the psychological layers behind her crime with the help of the gruff, troubled Detective Harry … Read More

‘Justified Ruthlessness’: Peaky Blinders Episode 3 Review

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We once more dive back into 1920s Birmingham and all the smog, swearing and danger that go with it. Overall, the episode was no different from any of the previous; satisfyingly violent as the story progresses. Now the villain of the season has been successfully established with the usual dramatic … Read More

Recipe – Pandoro filled with mascarpone cream

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Ingredients: 1 pandoro 500g mascarpone 4 eggs 100g sugar 1 tsp rum extract Chocolate chips Method: Tip: before starting making the cream, it is recommendable to keep the mascarpone and the eggs in ambient temperature. Separate the egg-yolks from the whites into two different bowls. Add a pinch of salt … Read More

The Good Place

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From the showrunner of The Office (US) and Parks and Recreation comes an existential comedy about the afterlife. The Good Place follows Eleanor Shellstrop, played by Kristen Bell, as she finds herself in a waiting room facing a large green sign saying ‘Welcome! Everything is Fine.’ It is then that … Read More

‘V for Vendetta’: Peaky Blinders Season 4, Episode 2

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If the tumultuous ending of season three that left audiences on a particularly sharp cliff-hanger was totally shocking, it didn’t come close to the alarming conclusion of the first episode of season four of Peaky Blinders. Episode two began with the aftermath; the blood, the smoke and the tension echoed … Read More

A Trip to Leeds Christmas Market

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Deciding whether or not to visit the Leeds Christmas market? Let Jennifer Spence tempt you with mulled wine, garlic bread and all things sweet. For me, the opening of the Christkindelmarkt at Millennium Square marks the beginning of Christmas at University. With its arrival on November 10th (it’s never too … Read More

The Secret to Nailing Secret Santa

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Christmas is almost here and with it comes Secret Santa. Miranda takes a look at how to solve the problem of finding the right gift this holiday. For many, Secret Santa is a dreaded moment of the Christmas period, where you end up getting a present you don’t want and … Read More

Have a Very Thrifty Christmas!

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Christmas is fast approaching and it’s the priciest time of the year for most, with the average UK household spending £753 on festivities. Following these money-saving tips won’t guarantee a spend-free holiday, but they may help you to cope on a student budget. 1. Book Train Tickets In Advance Spontaneously booking … Read More

Treat Your Shelf: Divine Names – Luay Abdul-ilah

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This week you should treat your shelf with a novel published by Leeds’ very own Mira Publishing House. If you are looking for a book to read over the holidays that has a little more substance than the average holiday read then why not give Divine Names a try. Written … Read More