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An Alternative Guide To Keeping Fit at Uni

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You started university. It is the time you meet new people, go on nights out as much as you can, and order many take-aways. And then someone mentions that you should keep fit. They have a point! Keeping fit improves your memory, concentration and much more. So, if you want … Read More

Can You Go Vegan For A Week?

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Somehow, one of the Lifestyle and Culture Editors miraculously persuaded Issie Sutherland to go vegan for a week, who in turn somehow got her housemates on board. Here is how she fared on the strictly no animal produce diet. 2006, it is undeniable that veganism is one of the fastest … Read More

Treat Your Shelf

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It’s October! It’s the month of Halloween, and more importantly it is Black History Month. It is so important to treat yourself and this week what better way to spoil both you and your shelf than to purchase a beautiful literary story celebrating black history. Based on the true story … Read More

How to Maximise your Organisation at University

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Staying on top of workload at University is a bit like washing up. You can wash a few dishes as you go not letting too many pile up at once or you can let it pile up for weeks and you’ll find mould growing on top of your leftover tuna … Read More

American Gods: Omnipotent and Otherworldly

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Neil Gaiman’s equally visceral and intellectual novel, remade in eight, hour-long HBO episodes, is a dazzling on-screen delight for believers and non-believers alike. The formula: a rich amalgamation of worldwide mythologies, a cast with the likes of Ian McShane (Blackbeard from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides), Emily Browning … Read More

Docs to Knock Your Socks Off

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Hannah Simpson-Orlebar takes a look at some of the documentaries that we should be watching instead of trashy TV.  Indulge in a form of procrastination that will make you smarter. Fresher’s week has come to a close, and awkwardness around halls, the queues for the medical centre and the ever-devastating … Read More

Blue Planet II Preview

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If you haven’t watched the trailer for the new release of Blue Planet II, you must be living under a rock. The seven-part documentary series comes 16 years after its predecessor and is set to be released on the 29th October 2017. The man, the myth, and the legend Sir David … Read More

What They Don’t Tell You About Doing a Year Abroad

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Everyone who has been on a year abroad has agreed with me when I say that it is a unique experience. From Australia to Japan, to the Netherlands and the USA, everyone comes back with an entirely different, and an (almost) entirely positive review. When looking at your abroad schemes, … Read More

You Are Not Alone

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‘At university, you’ll make friends for life’. Lifelong friendships seem to be synonymous with the university experience, according to many previous students. This causes a subconscious pressure on students arriving at university to find these other students who are destined to be lifelong friends. Although this rather clichéd statement may … Read More

To Stream or Not to Stream?

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Everybody knows that at this point, the TV is dead. Nobody opens up the paper and checks to see what time Bargain Hunt is on, except for pensioner’s maybe. These days TV is just watched on streaming sites, those few programmes people watched can be found in both the legal … Read More