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The well-fed student: Lunar New Year veggie ‘duck’ jackfruit recipe 

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My pescatarian housemate has been craving duck pancakes, so when we heard about jackfruit – a fruit that is native to Southern China and Southeast Asia which has the consistency of pulled pork or crispy duck when baked – we had to give it ago. We decided to use a … Read More

There’s no smoke without fire: Smoke BBQ review

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If anyone suggested going for a barbecue last night, I would have thought they were mad, but in this case I would have missed out on a real treat. Believe me, we have really beaten the weather – this barbecue is indoors. Smoke Barbecue, found on Merrion Way, offers an … Read More

Black Swan Pub’s excitingly English new menu

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Black Swan Pub on Call Lane have released a brand new food menu, and hosted a tasting session to introduce it. Specialising in traditional British food with a contemporary twist, the new menu was set out to compliment the existing theme by adding a number of innovative options. Upon entering … Read More

The well-fed student: Savvy spending edition

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Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Abu Bakr and Asda Online seem to be where we all shop the most, so I’ve compared prices in these shops, alongside places like Millie’s and Taste of the Orient (on Vicar Lane), Kirkgate Market and Aldi to find you the best bargains in Leeds. Bargain Bits and Bobs … Read More

More than just breakfast

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As LS6 takes a new direction for 2016, we join them to celebrate a new era for the much-loved restaurant. LS6 café has always been a student staple. You only need to venture to Hyde Park Corner on a weekend morning to see the place packed with bleary eyed students … Read More

The Turk’s Head: Victoriana revisited

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The one thing I have always thought that was missing from the Leeds nightlife scene is a place that looks like the set for a contemporary Dickens fashion shoot, probably the kind that would be featured in Vogue or Tatler with moody dark lighting and copious amounts of smoky eyeshadow. … Read More

The well fed student: Brain-fuel breakfast – overnight oats

3 years ago / 1 comments

It’s that horrible time of year when you’re constantly in the library, or feeling guilty for not being in the library, and you can’t be bothered make anything for your meals that takes any effort at all unless it’s a way of procrastinating from doing ALL THAT WORK. This week … Read More

The well-fed student: Christmas leftovers special

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Here are some delicious and healthy ideas for using up the turkey and ham leftover from Christmas day; balancing out the inevitable over-indulgence of the festive season, and leaving you feeling light and nourished. If you are a vegetarian, you can substitute the turkey for your Christmas meat substitute, and … Read More

Ox Club heats up Headrow House

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Ox Club grill restaurant is one of the final pieces in the Headrow House puzzle, bringing four floors of food, drink, events and art in a renovated building to the people of Leeds. Curated by the creative minds behind Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen, the former textile mill has been … Read More

The well-fed student: Party peanut butter cups

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Vegan friendly & gluten free. Makes 10 It’s the Christmas party season, and these delicious and simple chocolate peanut butter cups are a lovely, fun-size snack to offer to your friends and family instead of the usual variety chocolate boxes that are full of additives and refined sugar. Cocoa contains … Read More