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How Travelling Makes You More Open-Minded

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Whether it’s around your country or to a different one, for working or for pleasure, for a short or a protracted stay, travelling is always an exciting experience. You pack your things and take your car, your train, your flight or just by your feet, together with your expectations and … Read More

A Trip to Leeds Christmas Market

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Deciding whether or not to visit the Leeds Christmas market? Let Jennifer Spence tempt you with mulled wine, garlic bread and all things sweet. For me, the opening of the Christkindelmarkt at Millennium Square marks the beginning of Christmas at University. With its arrival on November 10th (it’s never too … Read More

The Secret to Nailing Secret Santa

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Christmas is almost here and with it comes Secret Santa. Miranda takes a look at how to solve the problem of finding the right gift this holiday. For many, Secret Santa is a dreaded moment of the Christmas period, where you end up getting a present you don’t want and … Read More

Have a Very Thrifty Christmas!

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Christmas is fast approaching and it’s the priciest time of the year for most, with the average UK household spending £753 on festivities. Following these money-saving tips won’t guarantee a spend-free holiday, but they may help you to cope on a student budget. 1. Book Train Tickets In Advance Spontaneously booking … Read More

Stop Appropriating Cultural Appropriation

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The term ‘cultural appropriation’ is often met by many with a smirk or an eye-roll. The term has become almost synonymous with ‘political correctness gone mad’, and is now mostly eliciting responses of derision or anger, detracting from the fact that it is actually a serious issue. It’s now being … Read More

Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas

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Sick of gifting loved ones the same pair of festive socks or thoughtless Cadbury’s milk tray every year? Premeditating their false sense of gratitude as they exclaim ‘thank you’ and quickly toss it to the side, soon to be lost amongst their pile of other, undoubtedly far superior presents? Then … Read More

The Basics to Budgeting

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Budgeting at university can be hard. You go from the cushion of home comforts; to being thrown into the deep end of university independence. However, it doesn’t need to be difficult and some basic budgeting steps can ensure sustainable living. The first few weeks at university are tough, and especially … Read More

Coco’s Beach Bar – #Butfirstcocos

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Leeds has a huge array of bars and restaurants fueling its thriving night life and the latest bar to enter the scene happens to be conveniently placed in the Trinity Centre. Lifestyle and Culture decided to check out this brand-new opening to see what all the fuss is about. The … Read More

Let’s Get Fizzical: Pizza and Prosecco Festival at Canal Mills

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Friday 17th of November saw the much-anticipated arrival of the Pizza and Prosecco Festival, and we headed down to Canal Mills to check it out. The nationwide event has been making headlines across the country and has been so popular in Leeds, that organisers arranged a second night and brunch. … Read More

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2017

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It is a sure sign that Christmas is on the way, when the adverts start appearing on the TV. The most anticipated one of all? John Lewis. With years of successful and well-received Christmas adverts under its belt, John Lewis has built up quite the reputation. So much so, that … Read More