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Five Things to Do For Your Revision Break

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Taking a study break is a slippery slope. There is no denying it is a crucial part of effective revision, because revision is only worthwhile when it’s being executed effectively, and it can’t be effective when we are too tired or burnt-out from focusing too long.   Breaks are key … Read More

How to make realistic New Year’s resolutions

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It is a tradition to sit down at the end of the calendar year and set resolutions for the next. People all over the world make promises to better themselves, only to break them later. Just like how the diet starts on Monday, it seems to be that the “new” … Read More

New Year, Same Me

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We’re all aware of the well known saying “New Year New Me” and throughout January the most popular topic of conversation seems to centre around each persons promise to themselves that this year will be different. Whether it is a challenge to lose weight, break a habit, or adopt a … Read More

Victoria’s Secret Angels: the Dangerous Fantasy

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The Victoria’s Secret Show has the potential to be a site of female positivity, confidence and girl-power. Unfortunately, year-on-year it undermines this, conveying elitism and representing warped ideas about body-image, self-worth and social standards.   I wanted to write this reflection with more positivity. I started by writing a list … Read More

Staying in Leeds over Christmas? Top 5 Things to Do in the Break

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With the Christmas tunes already infiltrating most public spaces, it’s hard to ignore the festive season. Whilst most of you will be heading home to connect with loved ones and family, some of us live too far, can’t afford the transport home or shudder at the thought of having their … Read More

Top 4 Tips to Get People What They Really Want for Christmas

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Picture the scene: It’s Christmas day and your friend or loved one opens their present to find a pack of black socks from M&S. They make a not-so-subtle attempt to feign excitement before tossing it in the pile of other gifts. Although the socks will likely come in handy, the … Read More

Celebrating Those That Give Back – International Volunteer Day 2018

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The work of volunteers has touched everyone’s life, one way or another, and International Volunteer Day on the 5th December is here to make sure you realise it. International Volunteer Day (IVD) is here to highlight the invaluable contributions and achievements of volunteers to society and to the individual lives … Read More

A Very London Christmas

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London is one of the best cities to visit any time of year, but there is something special about the city at Christmas. With so many fun and festive activities going on the city, there is always something to keep the Christmas spirit alive. If you’re not in Leeds over … Read More

I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas: Top 5 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

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Digital Associate Editor, Bella Davis, has compiled her top 5 environmentally friendly Christmas present ideas to save you breaking the bank and doing all the research.   Looking after the planet should be on everyone’s mind this Christmas. Whether you’re a eco-veteran or are buying for a sustainably conscious friend, … Read More

The Best of Leeds’ Christkindelmarkt

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Christmas has arrived… early.   The German Christmas market is up in Millenium Square once again for the festive period. There are plenty of options to treat yourself to whether that be food, drink, or weird wooden toys and pretty candles. One of the most delicious savoury foods on offer … Read More