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Alfie Deyes’ Fall from Grace

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Over the last few years, the term ‘YouTuber’ has certainly developed negative connotations. Once your humble ‘girl-next-door’ type, YouTubers have obtained near-celebrity status, boasting 8-figure lists of subscribers, exclusive meet-ups and branded merch. YouTube sensation and ringleader Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, for example, has a Twitter following of 13.4 million. … Read More

A Queen’s Ransom: gender-pay gap scandal in The Crown

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It has been revealed that the star of the Netflix tv series The Crown, Claire Foy, has been paid less than co-star Matt Smith. Amidst all the rising commentary around the gender wage gap, it was particularly interesting, and somewhat disheartening, to note that this is unlikely to change anything. … Read More

“Kindness is magic”: why we can all take inspiration from Ricky Gervais

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It goes without saying that Ricky Gervais is a controversial character. The world of showbiz was offended by his “insulting” comedy when he hosted the Golden Globesfour times between 2010 and 2016. Without getting into a debate on the nature of free speech, I would like to focus on Gervais’ … Read More

Still Looking for a Placement? Don’t Fret.

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Hunting for professional opportunities should be a positive and exciting process. The opportunity of putting our academic interests and achievements into practice (and the potential of earning a real wage) is motivating, and undertaking placements, grad-schemes and internships seems like the logical step during university. But sometimes it can all … Read More

Staying Occupied and Avoiding Boredom Over Easter

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You may have been extremely excited in the days leading up to this one-month Easter break only to find that the excitement has died down, you’re starting to feel the boredom settle in and you are doing nothing but lying in bed at home. To avoid boredom at home and … Read More

A Guide to Leeds from an International Student’s Perspective

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It’s always the same old story: every morning I snooze my alarm and I fall asleep again. Would you think that after few months I can still suffer the jet lag? Well, when I suddenly wake up, I realize that it’s late. I’m late for my lecture. I drink my … Read More

Women Behind Bars

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Netflix original Girls Incarcerated plays out less like a documentary series and more like a coming of age reality show – but this is not a negative. It gives us in depth insight into the teenagers’ characters and backgrounds which aids in dismantling the stigma around young offenders. Girls Incarcerated … Read More

Things to do over Easter if you’re staying in Leeds over the break

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Beginning to get jealous of all your friends going away this Easter? Don’t fret. Here is your ultimate guide for everything going on in Leeds over the holidays. We’re not in Lonely Planet’s ‘Best Cities’ list for nothing! Kirkstall Abbey – While it may not be the warmest place to … Read More

Recognising Stress and Panic

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We all know how student life can become really stressful. From weekly tasks and presentations to essays and reports, we constantly feel under pressure. When the exam period starts we’re already tired, and all we crave is rest. In the fortunate case that our deadlines are spread throughout the term, … Read More

Where to Study on Campus

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As a second year who has just about dodged her way through nearly four semesters in Leeds, I would like to think I’ve become acquainted with the many different places to study on campus. It can be difficult to find the ideal place to study on campus, but there is … Read More