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Podcasts: Let’s Switch Tunes for Talks!

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Podcasts are seriously underrated and have been around for 10 years now. Therefore, it seems only fair to shed some worthy light on the humble podcast. If you are an avid podcast listener looking for some new ear candy, or a rookie looking to broaden your podcast horizons, then take … Read More

Go Hard but Get Home

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As the new semester kicks off and students arrive back in Leeds, its very likely you’ll be spending a few evenings sampling the city’s night life. Leeds certainly has plenty to offer students with a wide array of different venues to suit all personal tastes in music and culture. It … Read More

Dealing With Homesickness at University

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The countless hours spent drinking, partying, meeting new people can be overwhelming when you are at uni. Your newfound independence away from home can slowly start to fade away and that little homesick part of your brain that was earlier suppressed by copious amounts of alcohol is resurfacing. You are … Read More

Let’s Master the Art of Staying Positive at Uni

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The new academic year is upon us, and the prospect of surviving another year in education can prove daunting for all students, whether entering into their first or final year of study. At The University of Leeds there’s an abundance of exciting opportunities that go beyond mere academia. Naturally, some … Read More

Food, Glorious Food (And Alcohol)

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Before moving to Leeds, I was unaware that so many food and drink festivals existed, let alone how many were hosted in Leeds each year. With an eclectic mix of festivals offering a wide variety of cuisines and alcohols, it’s a great idea to attend a few and get a … Read More

Survival of the Fittest: Freshers Edition

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Think of this article as your one stop shop for making it to the end of the year with minimal money in your bank, a bunch of friends and a grade you might have to work on next year. I mean at the end of the day first year doesn’t … Read More

TV Shows to Binge on Before Your Course Load Gets the Better of You

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We all say that when we get to uni, we will kick our bad procrastination habits and focus on our studies. Let’s be honest, those bad habits are going nowhere. Whether it’s bonding with new flatmates or wasting optimum essay-writing time on a show you’re hooked on, here’s some TV … Read More

How to Cure Your Food Fetish and/or Raging Hangover

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Leeds boasts a wide variety of culinary experiences to try, enough to spoil you for choice throughout your entire university tenure. Whether you’re out to celebrate, going for a date, or simply out to cure yourself of the imminent feeling of death that last night’s alcohol-fuelled antics left you with, … Read More

Top 5 Places to Eat on Campus

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Bakery 164 – Heaven wrapped in ciabatta bread that offers a taste of sunshine for every tastebud alike with an incredible array of delicious sandwiches. Terrace – Conveniently placed in the centre of campus in our very own union. Offering a roof terrace to enjoy your meal. A tasty sit … Read More

Dirty Martini to join Leeds’ cocktail scene

1 year ago / 0 comments

Dirty Martini is the latest name set to join the renowned Leeds nightlife scene, with a site acquisition in close proximity to Greek Street, one of the city centre’s busiest nightspots. The news comes as part of the bar group’s wider plans for growth and expansion, having recently announcing a new … Read More