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Stone Street Over Wall Street

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Everyone knows New York City, The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps. They could tell you about Fifth Avenue, Times Square, Broadway and every other attraction featured on a postcard on some cart at the side of the street selling trashy tourist merchandise. Undoubtedly, these are some of the … Read More

Luxembourg: Off the beaten track

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Few could say that Luxembourg is top of their list for a long weekend away, but after spending four days there I couldn’t recommend it more. Nestled between France, Germany and Belgium, Luxembourg hardly stands out on the map. In fact, it wasn’t even visible on my scratch-away map, much … Read More

Rotterdam vs Amsterdam

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The thing I miss most about Rotterdam is the remarkable Dutch architecture as soon as you leave the centre, positioned amongst tall luscious trees and flowers. Central Rotterdam is a beautifully-modern little metropolis, the first word that comes to mind is ‘shiny’. The small centre is jam-packed full of sleek, … Read More

A year in Perugia

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Having just returned to Leeds after spending a year abroad in Italy as an Erasmus student, I am feeling like a fresher, what with having to readjust to life as a student in Leeds all over again. But unlike when I was actually a first year student, I am now … Read More

Essaouira: Morocco’s hidden gem

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North Africa’s Morocco has been an increasingly sought after holiday destination for European tourists, in particular the French and Spanish, due to its use of the French language and close proximity with Spain. For the true Moroccan experience most visit the vibrant and exotic capital Marrakech. A market city boasting … Read More

Guide to the Dolomites

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When people think of a holiday in Italy they often think of historic Rome; romantic Venice; art enthused Florence. Not often does one think of the mountain range lying to the North East – the Dolomites. Potentially one of the most unusual and beautiful stretches of the Alpine range, the … Read More

A Semester in Oxford, Mississippi.

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I spent five glorious months at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, otherwise known as Ole Miss, which welcomed me with open arms and quickly left me with impressions that I will not soon forget, some of which I felt too remarkable to be kept to myself. Read on for … Read More

Naples: Italy’s scariest city?

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The cobbled roads are jam-packed with a horde of cars beeping incessantly, cursing one another as they pass. People fearlessly squeeze through the cracks between the frenzied traffic as if with a death wish. The walls of the looming buildings stained by grit are completely vandalised with graffiti consisting of … Read More

Interview with Kimberley Coole: The colourful life of a travel photographer

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UK based award winning travel photographer Kimberley Coole travels to create exciting stock imagery for Getty Images, within the Lonely Planet Images Collection. How did you get into travel photography? It was whilst I was on my honeymoon, we totally fell in love with Asia. When we got back, we … Read More

Let’s go to… Norfolk!

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Norfolk may not bring to mind the most glamourous of images, especically not if you’ve been dreaming of holidays abroad. In fact, there mere mention of Norfolk and most people will hit you with jokes about strange accents and webbed feet. The county gets a bad rep, when in actual … Read More