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Review: Bodyguard (Spoiler free)

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With more viewings than Downton Abbey or Sherlock, BBC’s latest drama ‘The Bodyguard’ is the show of the moment. And for good reason. In a fabulously fast paced mini-series, lovable but unpredictable Richard Madden (David Budd) leads viewers through tangible threats of terror on home soil, wrestling with war wounds … Read More

Review: Norm Macdonald Has a Show

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Hot off the heels of the cancellation of Michelle Wolf and Joel McHale’s weekly talk shows, Netflix has decided to try their luck again. This time, they’ve taken a chance on criminally underrated comedian Norm Macdonald. Unlike McHale’s rehash of his old show The Soup, or Wolf’s attempt at copying … Read More

Review: Killing Eve

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It’s a tale we’re all familiar with: spy and assassin caught up in a cat-and-mouse chase, each becoming ever more obsessed with the other as their paths bring them closer – or are we? We’ve all seen plenty of thrillers like this before, but this one comes with a refreshing twist: both … Read More

Review: BoJack Season 5

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Looks like our favourite dysfunctional character is back – with a new season to boot! When we last saw BoJack at the end of season four, he was attempting to redeem himself as a person by helping Hollyhock find her mother and agreeing to star in the show Philbert after Princess Carolyn … Read More

Review: The Alienist

5 months ago / 0 comments

The Alienist is a recently-aired TV series on Netflix, and a superb one at that. Set during the nineteenth century, the story revolves around John Moore, a newspaper illustrator, and his friend Laszlo Kreizler, a criminal psychologist, or ‘alienist’, as they investigate a string of horrific child murders. Be aware … Read More

Redefining Beauty

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Laura McDermott talks about the importance of reshaping traditional beauty standards, exploring some of the figures at the forefront. Beauty standards have been an integrated part of nearly every culture for thousands of years. From Ancient Egypt to Greece, the Golden age of Hollywood to the postmodern beauty of today, … Read More

A Second Series of Unfortunate Events

7 months ago / 0 comments

After a first season which detailed the lives of the Baudelaire children from books one to three was met with critical acclaim, Steph Bennett gives an overview of the series’ return to Netflix. With no previous television interpretation to compete with, Netflix’s interpretation of the cult children’s classic was enjoyable to … Read More

TV Series to Binge to Avoid Revision

7 months ago / 0 comments

Exams are almost here, and since you are probably procrastinating instead of studying, you should use your precious time to discover some binge-worthy TV shows to keep you busy. So here are five great TV shows that will occupy your mind and prevent it from worrying about exams. Unsolved: The … Read More

Is Britain Talentless?

7 months ago / 0 comments

Arts Editor, Steph Bennett, fails to see the worth in the nation’s favourite talent show.  Last Saturday marked the return of Britain’s Got Talent, the talent programme that has become so revered that it not only draws applicants from the world over, but has prompted other countries to develop their … Read More

A Queen’s Ransom: gender-pay gap scandal in The Crown

8 months ago / 0 comments

It has been revealed that the star of the Netflix tv series The Crown, Claire Foy, has been paid less than co-star Matt Smith. Amidst all the rising commentary around the gender wage gap, it was particularly interesting, and somewhat disheartening, to note that this is unlikely to change anything. … Read More