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Wolf Alice in Photos: Leeds O2 Academy

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All Images by Clare Redman

Kagoule @ Headrow House, 8/11

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on the road, trying to busk his way into peoples hearts. Tired he says to his friends “I need some music to pump me up, something grunge-y.” That is how I discovered the album Urth, and was brought into the blistering world of Kagoule. One year down the winding road, … Read More

Benjamin Clementine to play O2 Academy, 3/12

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Benjamin Clementine has one of the most riveting backstories in recent years; banned from listening to popular music during his strict Catholic adolescence, the soulful performer found himself homeless on the streets of Paris. He soon achieved cult status on the Parisian music scene as a self-taught classical pianist with … Read More

Synthesis by Evanescence

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With Christmas lights being switched on across the country, ’tis apparently the season to re-release some old material (and be jolly of course). Over the last month or so, we have seen a number of high-profile bands reissuing old material in some shape or form; examples include R.E.M.’s critically acclaimed … Read More

In The Middle with Tom Walker

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Causing a quiet stir amongst the music blogs for over a few years now, Tom Walker’s rise into the mainstream was always going to be an exciting one and, with a sold-out UK tour kicking off in Leeds this week, writer Lucy Bradshaw hopped on the phone to chat to … Read More

Matt Maltese @ Oporto, 7/11

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Last week in our interview, I remember being taken aback when Matt Maltese said he didn’t feel super successful; but now I understand. As he confidently advanced through the crowd of twenty-somethings towards the stage in his signature dark brown mobster-esque suit, I considered how small the venue at Oporto … Read More

The Underrated Beauty of Going to Gigs Alone

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So you’ve found yourself at a gig alone. Your favourite band that none of your friends listen to have come to town and no one wanted to come with you. You stand self-consciously amongst couples and groups of friends, eager for someone to text you just so you can prove to … Read More