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In The Middle with The Big Moon

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The Gryphon Music caught up with drummer of The Big Moon, Fern Ford, ahead of the release of their debut album Love in the 4thDimension and their spot at Live at Leeds next month. The recording process for their debut has had its challenges. Ford describes their tight schedule of … Read More

In the Middle with The Big Moon

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The recording process for their debut has had its challenges. Ford describes their tight schedule of twelve days to record the remainder of the album, after the singles they had already completed with Catherine Marks, who produced the majority of the record. “It seems like it was rushed but we … Read More

In the Middle with Creeper

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Creeper are a difficult band to pin down. Their theatrical flair and highly cultivated aesthetic set them apart from the gritty realism of the current punk scene, while their meticulously crafted characters and storylines make them a rarity not just stylistically but lyrically as well. Just two years on from … Read More

The Hubbards @ Trinity Church, 24/3/17

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Having already taken their home town of Hull by storm, lad band The Hubbards gave an unmissable performance at Leeds Trinity Church last week, wowing the crowd with their feel good indie tunes. Named as the City Of Culture’s Ones To Watch, The Hubbards’ performance to the people of Leeds was … Read More

Warpaint @ Leeds Beckett SU 23/03/17

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Months after the release of their third album Heads Up, Warpaint came to Leeds to bring it to life. The beginning of the show seemed to be weighed down by the relaxed atmosphere. Kicking off with the title track from the new album, the band played perfectly to the point … Read More

Peace @ Stylus, 22/3/17

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“I’m sorry I don’t have much banter, I haven’t spoken to anyone but myself for a year,” frontman Harry Koisser jokes, clad in full camo print and a ‘Choose Love’ t-shirt. This could well be true – there’s been a musical absence of a year and a half, with Peace … Read More

Where are the women in dubstep and grime?

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Moving to Leeds almost two years ago has provided plenty of opportunities to involve myself the city’s thriving music scene. Perhaps one of the most iconic parts of this scene is the famous Subdub and Iration Steppas. Countless iconic dubstep DJs have neighboured this bone-rattling sound system in the second … Read More

Ten Fe @ Headrow House, 18/3/17

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London duo Ten Fe have graduated from the hard graft of busking in the Underground to recording their debut album ‘Hit The Light’ with producer Ewan Pearson, acclaimed for his work with newcomers such as Jagwar Ma. The result is a record that has innovative highlights but is clearly indebted … Read More

Local Leeds: In The Middle with Team Picture

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Team Picture are, in their own words, ‘a group of polite individuals living in Leeds’. What’s more, they’re pioneering an exciting brand of explosive psych and kraut than has seen them ascend, in my words ‘meteorically’, in their words ‘like a weather balloon’, already earning slots at Live At Leeds … Read More

Glass Animals @ Beckett, 11/3/17

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Last summer’s release of Glass Animals’ second album How to Be a Human Being saw the band begin to break through into the mainstream. They’ve gone from being four individuals who used to stand timidly behind their instruments to a group who thrive off of the energy their devoted fans … Read More