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Making Music Herstory Vol III: Odetta

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Odetta, born Odetta Holmes, is the greatest folk singer you’ve never heard of. She championed the American folk revival of the 1950s and 60s, influencing all the big names: Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Janis Joplin. Early in her career, she caught Harry Belafonte’s eye and performed the duet ‘There’s A … Read More

Stranger Things Season Two: Back to the 80s

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Everyone’s favourite Netflix original, Stranger Things, has finally made its return, after its acclaimed debut season in July of last year. Many of us here at In The Middle have already binged Season Two in full, and we can’t deny that the soundtrack is one of the best parts of … Read More

How British Hip Hop Found Its Voice

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From its very beginning, British hip-hop has existed in a permanently maligned state, seemingly always losing ground against the genres it rubs shoulders against. Whether being unfathomably overshadowed by its US counterpart, or rejected in favour of more frenetic grime, British hip-hop has always failed to become both culturally ingrained … Read More

Making Music Herstory Vol II: Bonzai

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Bonzai is part of the new generation of women making music herstory today. She takes the lessons learned by her foremothers and crafts them into her weird and wonderful music, creating tracks that are so individually stamped you’ll have a hard time putting her into any box. Bonzai, a.k.a Cassia … Read More

Music & Misogyny: Sexism in the Music Industry

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Loyle Carner has recently been praised for kicking a fan out of his concert due to a sexist comment aimed at the female support act. Carner later tweeted, “That shit will not be tolerated at any show. He’s been banned from that venue, for life”. Despite Carner fighting against this … Read More

11 Songs That Show Us Exactly Why We Need Black History Month

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Black History Month is a contentious month on the calendar, with certain groups suggesting that black history should be studied all-year-round, and other, less-informed groups, suggesting that it shouldn’t be studied at all. But, one of the most colourful aspects of black history is the music that has underpinned it … Read More

Unsigned & Breaking Out: New Prog For Autumn

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  The days are getting shorter, and the evenings more contemplative. So what better time to give some amazing unsigned Prog your attention? Heterochrome’s ‘Melancholia’ is just that. A short, beautiful, and melancholic journey. The Tehran based band have produced an outstanding debut. The instrumentation is exceptional, Mida’s vocals a … Read More

Meet your Music Editors

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Intrigued as to who’s editing your articles this year? Want to know a bit more about the people that are offering out all the juicy content each week? Then look no further…   Meg Firth Favourite Artist/Band Of All Time: David Bowie. A Song You Play On Repeat: ‘Florence’ by … Read More

Music Speaks Louder Than Words: Where Are Our Protest Songs?

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“Could this be the last we’ve seen of protest songs in mainstream music culture and if so why is this?” Protest songs are a massive part of our musical history. They are a creative way of expressing  dissatisfaction with a cultural, political or social situation. The origins of protest songs … Read More

Glastonbury Recycling Crew: from Foo Fighters to Poo Fighters

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Is it just me or are festival ticket prices getting a little extortionate? As a student fresh from the education machine, broken and penniless, the thought of spending £200 on anything is enough to make your knees wobble. Take Glastonbury, for example. To get your hands on one of the … Read More