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1958 – 2016: The Prince’s Purple Reign

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Well, that came as a shock didn’t it? The loss of another global icon. Is our music industry set to shatter at the seams? Is expressionism and liberalism doomed? Or, is the passing of these pioneers of freedom of speech simply a natural goodbye, their work now done, the baton … Read More

Bitch Better Take My Money

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Robbie Cairns discusses Rihanna surpassing the Beatles for number of weeks at number one.   As Rihanna’s voracious ‘Work’ has twerked its way into a ninth consecutive week at number one, yet another long-standing Beatles’ record crumbled. Almost ten years since her debut number one single ‘S.O.S’, Rihanna, with her … Read More

Preview : UNITED VIBRATIONS + Indecent Gorilla @ Headrow House Thursday 14th April

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On the 14th April United Vibrations will be coming down to Headrow House to launch their new album with their acclaimed brand of cosmic jazz meets afrobeat/12 tone/global grooves fusion. Made up of the three Dayes brothers – Ahmad (trombone), Kareem (electric bass), Yussef (drums) plus Wayne Francis (tenor sax) … Read More

Farewell to the Five Foot Assassin – Phife Dawg Obituary

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‘Yo! Microphone check, one two what is this? The five-foot assassin with the roughneck business.’ The immortal opening line of A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘Buggin’ Out’ from their seminal 1991 record The Low End Theory hits as hard now as it ever did, cementing the MC Phife Dawg as one … Read More


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Heather Nash discusses what it means to be a woman in the music industry when your autonomy isn’t the top priority, and how it exposes those who are afraid to rock the boat.    If you haven’t heard – and aren’t already disgusted with life, the world, and the patriarchal … Read More

Teen Spirit

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Olivia Marshall explores the impact of Kurt Cobain on the 22nd anniversary of his suicide.   When Kurt Cobain took his own life almost twenty-two years ago I wasn’t even born. As I progressed through a childhood sound-tracked by a shallow pool of late 90s/early noughties pop, I was unaware … Read More

Record Swap at Lambert’s Yard

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Discover new music by swapping those old records you no longer listen to with someone else’s. Bring along your records to Record Swap, at Lambert’s Yard, on the 23rd of February, and browse through our collection and decide what you want to swap!   Can’t part with a piece from your collection? … Read More

I Want To Break Free

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Juliette Rowsell discusses how artists over the past 50 years have influenced and impacted on the LGBTQ* community.   February is LGBT History Month and the importance of music in bringing issues of greater social equality to the fore cannot be understated. When we can find little hope in our … Read More

Death of an Artist

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Heather Nash and Niall Ballinger discuss whether the death of an artist changes their public image.   Yes When a prominent figure in the arts community dies, it is devastating. So many people seem to have a connection to people in the arts. If you grow up listening to an … Read More

From dreamy DIY to acid house: a rundown of November’s Strange Parade

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A few weeks ago the UML held its first Strange Parade of the 15/16 academic year and we were super pleased with how it turned out! Strange Parade is a ‘live mixtape’, where UML members and local bands come together to create an eclectic night of music, hosted at the … Read More