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From Roots to Wings: Sharon Watson Discusses Her Path to Success and Dance’s Ability to Respond to Art

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While dance and visual arts tend to exist under the same ‘arts’ category, it is not very common to consider the dance that you see on stage to have much in common with a stationary installation of a stretched pair of tights in a gallery. For starters, one is static … Read More

In The Middle with DMA’s

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If you’re a fan of DMA’s, or have been following them for a while, it’s unlikely that you’ve been able to read much about them without seeing the names Oasis, The Stone Roses, or Primal Scream following swiftly afterwards. These persistent comparisons, whilst impressive, must undoubtedly become tedious for a … Read More

An Introduction To K-Dramas On Netflix

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Curious about K-Dramas and not too sure where to start? Not to worry! Compiled below are a couple of recommendations for a range of genres from romantic and comedy to historical and thriller: Dream High A drama about dreams and the arts, Dream High narrates the story of six students … Read More

#MeToo Gains Momentum in Bollywood

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An eruption of sexual allegations has hit India’s film industry since October when Bollywood’s #MeToo movement began to emerge. The recent outcry of sexual abuse has encouraged greater scrutiny of the film industry, leading to huge programme changes at the Jio MAMI Mumbai film festival, which took place from 25th … Read More

Fallout 76: The Beta Bug That Deletes 50G Of Data

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Bethesda Games Studios’ recent release of the Beta version of the much-anticipated game Fallout 76 has come with a major problem. Players of the Beta encountered a bug that automatically deletes the entire 50GB game. What is Beta Gaming? When a video game company releases a game in its Beta … Read More

TV Review: There She Goes

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BBC’s newest mini comedy-drama is perhaps one of the most refreshing and courageous endeavours to grace our small screen. Whilst it may not harbour heart-stopping suspense or sweeping grand-scale cinematics, There She Goes is an incredibly intimate and honest piece of television that invites us to explore the day-to-day shenanigans … Read More

TV Review: The Haunting of Hill House

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If you don’t know about this series, you should.   This horror infused phenomenon is a Netflix original and maintains the outstanding reputation most series’ allow Netflix to uphold.  From jump scares to intense psychological tests, this show has it all. It constantly keeps you guessing and wondering where the … Read More

The Hottest Show on Netflix

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We all talk about the thrilling Stranger Things, the sheer delight that is Queer Eye, and the dark and intriguing House of Cards, but there is one programme that smokes the competition. Aptly called Fireplace for Your Home, you get to watch a crackling fireplace grow and smolder for an … Read More

In The Middle with Elder Island

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Shoes off. Feet up. Kicking it back in the tight and cosy backstage of Belgrave Music Hall, I am welcomed by the warm and gentle aura of Elder Island. The band have been sparking huge interest on the gig circuits recently for their unique blend of electronics, synthesizers and the … Read More

Kurt Vile Brings His Tranquil Vibes to the O2, 11.11.2018

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It’s been two years since Kurt Vile last toured the UK, and it’s clear his return is anticipated as Leeds’ O2 Academy fills up comfortably on a nondescript Sunday evening. It seems that the audience is not alone in this polite yet earnest apprehension: between every few songs the Philadelphian … Read More