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No Pain, No Gain: Are Heels Worth the Hassle?

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“Periods, giving birth, menopause… stilettos.” The process of wearing heels was finely stated by goggle-box star, Chris, a few years back. As an Essex girl myself, I’ve always loved getting glammed up and high heels have always been a staple item of mine and many girls’ wardrobes. So, I’d reached the … Read More

Timeline Tampering: Can Filmmakers Reset the Clock?

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Everybody loves a good film franchise. Star Wars (excluding the prequels), the MCU, even Harry Potter, have been praised by fans and critics alike for their (relatively) consistent quality. Meanwhile the fans of older franchises such as Terminator, have not been so fortunate. Yet, the release of Halloween last month … Read More

Call Me By Monét: Monét X Change at Leeds University Union

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It was Friday night and I found myself in front of my mirror coating my eyelashes in mascara and smearing highlighter over any bare section of my face, because I was headed off to a drag show, and nothing says drag like larger than life eyelashes and a godly glow. … Read More

That’s Showbiz: The Right Here Right Now Show

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The stage lights illuminate to a simplistic bohemian style set, hanging plants from the ceiling, Persian rugs on the floor, a vodka bottle hidden to the hosts left. The Right Here, Right Now Show dazzles out in swirly writing from a backdrop of a brick wall imitation. Beautiful live jazz … Read More

Review: The Hepworth Prize for Sculpture 2018

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There is a distant droning of a mechanical organ drifts throughout the galleries at the Hepworth Wakefield as the thirty-seven crystal glass flutes of Cerith Wyn Evans’ work recycles the breath of the viewer into deep sounds. But like the air that flows through the two-part sculpture, the work feels … Read More

Love, Dystopia and Baked Beans: LUU Open Theatre’s Jellyfish

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Lucy Keitley reviews LUU Open Theatre’s Production of Jellyfish, a play by Josh Kirby and Hugo Jones. Jellyfish is a post-apocalyptic tale of the extremities of human existence; broken bonds, tyrannical rulers and finally a hope of blossoming love. The play, written by Hugo Jones and Josh Kirby, follows the … Read More

Musicians Tackle Online Trolling Head-On

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The ever-expanding phenomenon of social media most definitely has its pros. It allows us to keep in contact with those that we’d be unlikely to otherwise, it increases voter participation, helping to bring about political change, and even provides creative outlets with the tap of a screen. However, the epitome … Read More

Parquet Courts Traverse Their Diverse Discography at Church, 07.11.18

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“It’s always good to be in the house of god,” guitarist and vocalist Andrew Savage remarks as he gazes up at Church’s grand stained glass window behind him, before launching into another rough-and-ready cut from their back catalogue. This is Parquet Courts, the Texan rock band who’ve released their 6th … Read More

RAYE Brings a Whirlwind of Emotion to The Wardrobe, 02.11.18

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What can you say about Raye that hasn’t been said before? Frankly, a lot. Compared to the opening act, Kara Marni, Raye was extraordinarily versatile and talented. It was like Led Zeppelin following up a high school band recital. Yet at the same time, Kara Marni wasn’t that bad. Indeed, … Read More

Do Men Find it Hard to Admit To Being Feminists?

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This is not an article on why people across the world are not feminists. That is a completely different debate which can involve culture, political orientation and a wealth of other reasons which I am in no position to argue. This is an article as to why some men, who … Read More