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Pancaked: What Planet are they on?

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Exploring the plausibility of Flat-Earthers’ beliefs ahead of their upcoming rally in Leeds. You may think that the human race has come a long way since believing the earth is flat, what with satellites depicting images of a spherical earth, the visible existence of lunar eclipses and the general employment … Read More

Paint Me Like One of Your Polymers

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The incredible paint that could keep our cities cool. On September 27 2018, an article was published in the Science journal introducing an innovative ‘polymer paint’ that could be used to cool surfaces, particularly in cities. This is revolutionary in a world where cities are rapidly expanding which creates a surplus … Read More

Stoptober: What Difference Does a Month Make?

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The NHS Stoptober website provides three simple reasons as to why smokers should take part in Stoptober: feel healthier, save money, and protect your family from second-hand smoke. While Public Health England’s annual campaign to get a nation of smokers to quit simultaneously reportedly had a 20% success rate in … Read More

In conversation with Dr. Katie Field

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As one of the 15 women recognised in this year’s Women of Achievement, Dr. Katie Field (Associate Professor in Plant-Soil Processes) stands out as a contemporary in plant science. She is one of the recipients of the coveted David Phillips fellowship by the BBSRC, as well as other impressive grants, … Read More

Fly Me to The Moon? The Woman Behind America’s Journey into Space

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Celebrating Space Week with the brain that powered America’s journey into space. Travel into outer space is becoming more and more commonplace – you may have heard Elon Musk recently state that a manned mission to Mars is possible by 2024, a mere 6 years in the future but a … Read More

When The Drugs Don’t Work: Future of Antibiotics is in Our Hands

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Two years ago Leeds was among three universities to share a £9.5 million award from the Medical Research Council. The aim was to advance research into diagnostic tools and prevent the unnecessary use of antibiotics, as part of a larger initiative drawing attention to the global spread of antibiotic resistance. … Read More

Reptile Dysfuntion: Rising Temperature Turn Turtles Female

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Rising temperatures are leading to an increase in the proportion of female Green Sea Turtles (Chelonia mydas), recent studies show. Studies carried out on beaches of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia show that a striking 99% of a total 200,000 infant turtles on northern beaches are female. This is … Read More


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With the public constantly becoming more aware about what we eat and the issues associated with our food, it seems like new superfoods are springing up daily. Often promoted by Instagram and Twitter personalities with perfectly shiny white smiles, there’s always a new obscure Mexican berry to try or a … Read More

Gene Genie: Biohacking For Better Health

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Play David Bowie – Jean Genie When former NASA scientist Josiah Zayner pulled out a syringe during a genetic engineering workshop last October and injected himself with a gene editing enzyme, he became the first person to try to hack his own genome – and a pioneer in the biohacking … Read More

What SUP: How Can We Limit Single Use Plastics Pollution

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Single use plastics (SUPs) are plastics that are used once and then disposed of, which includes plastic bags, drinks bottles, take-out coffee cups, and plastic straws. However, rather than being recycled, a significant proportion of this plastic ends up polluting our oceans. The issue was emphasised in BBC’s Blue Planet … Read More