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A new way to get wonky in Leeds

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Revive: to restore to life or consciousness; to give new strength or energy to. Did you know that the UK throws away 7 million tonnes of food each year, much of which is perfectly fine to eat? Recently launched through Enactus, Re-Vive Leeds is a student-created social enterprise looking to … Read More

What’s The Most Amazing Thing You Can Do With Your Hands?

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This week, Olivia Wilkinson reflects on an extremely successful evening with Leeds Sign Society. Raising funds for SignHealth, the society and their guests battled the weather to gather in the Michael Sadler Building and learn new, innovative ways of using their hands to save lives. On Wednesday 28th February, Leeds … Read More

Society Spotlight: Flat Earth Society

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In a postmodern society underscored by cutting-edge science and technology, you may be forgiven for feeling like we know everything there possibly is to know about life as it stands. Where do we go from here? ‘Flat Earthers’, however, urge us to rethink what many have always known to be … Read More

Brainwashed?! – Neural Networks Society

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Neural Networks society is a neuroscience-based society at the University of Leeds. We strive to create biweekly talks and socials, around the subject of neuroscience with a multidisciplinary perspective. “Brainwashed?!” is an interesting and innovative talk about a new psychological approach to extremism. The speaker, Natalie James, is a second-year … Read More

#Empower: A movement sure to be carried on

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LUU Women in Leadership Society have cemented their status as one of the most active groups around campus, with a host of recent sell-out events aimed at empowering women as they leave university and navigate through the job market. Bella Davis went to their much-publicised Empower Conference to discover new … Read More

Society Spotlight: Muay Thai

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As well as editing the Society section of The Gryphon, Mary Lumley acts as the President of the Leeds University Union Muay Thai Society. Here she discusses exactly what makes the society and the sport “better than boxing”, and what it can do for you. For those less well-versed in … Read More

Amnesty International Society Present…Fundraising Ball in Solidarity with Syria

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Amnesty International Society, the University of Leeds representatives of a global network committed to defending human rights, are hosting their first ever fundraising ball under their ‘Justice for Syria’ initiative on Saturday 24th February. Lucy Milburn tells us more…   Held in solidarity with the people of Syria, a quarter … Read More

New year, new you – new society?

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It’s the new year (just about..) and with the new year comes all the talk around pushing the boat out and trying something new. Taking the plunge can be daunting, but since these societies are all newbies too maybe it’ll be a case of problem shared and problem halved? In … Read More

Society Spotlight: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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Quickly gaining traction as one of the most effective styles of fighting, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu stands apart from its counterparts due to its emphasis on technique that allows participants of all shapes and sizes to compete as equals. Society editor Mary Lumley sat down with Sean Maguinness, president of the … Read More

LUU Dance Competition: A Superb Showcase of Leeds’ Dancing Talent

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Friday evening saw fourteen dance acts, from nine of the university’s dance societies, take to the stage of the Riley Smith Theatre to compete against one another in the LUU Dance Competition. The acts competed for six different awards, judged by a panel comprised of three external dance professionals. The … Read More