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Review: Chamber Choir and Brass Band, Sunday 25th November

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Leeds University Union Music Society’s Christmas Concert Series began last weekend – here’s a taster of what’s on offer for music lovers of Leeds in the run-up to the end of term. LUUMS had another success of a concert this weekend in the Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall. The Chamber Choir … Read More

Music To Our Ears: Listening to LUUMS

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Music listener? Music maker? Or just a Music lover? If you fall under any of these categories, then take a gander at all the amazing opportunities being put on by LUUMS, and see how you can get involved in all the fun. For those of you whose acronym skills aren’t … Read More

RAG Week: Raising Awareness and Giving Something for Everyone

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RAG Member and News Editor, Eleanor Smith, gives us a run-down on LUU’s biggest volunteering society’s largest event of the year. This week saw Leeds Raising and Giving (RAG) take over the University of Leeds as RAG Week launched into action. The week, aimed at raising money for grass-roots Leeds-based … Read More

LUU’s Most A-Compelling Singing Group

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Sitting down with the co-Presidents of LUU A Capella Society, George Hulkes and Patrick Ashby, Susy Goldstone discusses the ins-and-outs of singing without music. So, how is LUU A Capella Society structured? George: This year we’ve had a really big change. Last year we had a group called the Cosmopolitones … Read More

Tell Me More: Helping Societies Do More

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Speaking with LUU’s Activities Officer, Lauren Huxley, Susy Goldstone discusses the Union’s programme for making inclusive societies a reality. Inclusivity. Accessibility. We all like to think that we implement these words within our societies, but do LUU societies actually go far enough in ensuring that everyone, regardless of their individual needs, is included? LUU … Read More

Making No Bones About Leeds Marrow

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Meet the society who are helping to save lives across the UK. From organising donation drives to training up new ambassadors, Leeds Marrow are making it easier than ever to get students aware of blood cancer treatment. Nolan Trust, helping people sign up to their stem cell donor register. It’s … Read More

LUU Entrepreneurs: Social Saturday

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From facilitating business launches to providing discounted printing for its members, LUU Entrepreneurs Society are illustrating how best to utilise the vast array of resources available to students at Leeds. It’s upcoming project, Social Saturday, promises to be an eye opening journey into the world of social enterprises and demonstrating … Read More

Good Grief: The Society Talking About Student Bereavement

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Society has been taken over this week by the Bereaved and Young Student Network (BAYSN). This LUU society are doing their best to support students who have ex-perienced death, by surrounding them with students who understand to help them navigate their way through the strange landscape of loss. Sitting on … Read More

Books and Bevs: The Importance of Your Academic Society

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This week our Society Editor, Rose Crees, caught up with the LUU English Society to suss out why getting involved with your School’s society is so important. Connie Lawful, the society’s President, and Don Pickworth, one of the Social Secretaries, explained how handy academic societies can be for those new … Read More

LUU Societies Coming Up Trumps

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With over 300 societies, Leeds University Union caters to every need. Whether you want to find a new hobby, get involved in your subject, connect with your cultural or religious group, or even raise money, Freshers’ Week is the perfect time to find a society with a place for you. … Read More