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Society Gave It A Go: Leeds Model United Nations

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Thinking on your feet, being a persuasive speaker, and maintaining a certain level of poise are all desirable qualities for any person, especially a recent graduate who wants to pursue a role with a high level of responsibility. For this reason joining societies that help you exercise skills learnt from … Read More

The Muggle’s Guide to Quidditch

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The Gryphon gets to grips with this up and coming sport that you might have thought only existed in the world of fiction. I am one of thousands of people in over 40 countries who play a sport called Quidditch. Contrary to what you might think, Quidditch in its current … Read More

Vertical Fitness reaching new heights

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LUU’s Vertical Fitness society gives us an insight into the rapid development of this recently recognised sport. 2017/18 is set to be a great year for Vertical Fitness. Pole dancing has finally been recognised as an official sport and the International Pole Sports Federation has begun the application to become … Read More

Insights From Women in Leadership: Building Bridges

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2017 saw the formation of a new society aimed at empowering a new generation of female leaders. Eleanora Peruch went along to hear their Building Bridges event on 2nd November to hear talks from six women Leaders who discussed the challenges they’ve overcome to get to where they are today, … Read More

Society Spotlight: LUU Skate Soc

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Society editor Mary Lumley sat down with Mohsan Lin, a third year Digital Media student and president of Skate Soc, to ask how his society keeps things fresh, and how students can get on board. A skater for ten years now, Lin is aiming to bring the same passion he … Read More

Get Involved: LUU Self-Awareness Seminars

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It is of utmost importance that students feel safe and secure both on and off campus. To assist with this, LUU is launching Self-Awareness Educational seminars in collaboration with the Martial Arts societies. Society Editor Mary Lumley urges you to come and get involved… LUU is partnering with a number … Read More

Wine Soc’s £10 Sparkling Wine Picks

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Party season is almost upon us, so let Wine Soc guide you through your bubbly purchases… Last Christmas everyone was talking about this bottle of fizz, and rightly so. At only £10.99 this brilliant Aldi Champagne beat the likes of Lanson, Veuve Clicquot and Laurent-Perrier in the ‘Which Best Buys … Read More

Society Spotlight: Leeds Nightline

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Although the university experience can be fun, fulfilling and rewarding, sometimes it falls well short of expectations, and you may find yourself in need of guidance. Eleanor Smith investigates how the wise owls over at Nightline continue to provide help and support to struggling students. With the halfway point of … Read More

Wine Soc’s ‘Around the World in 8 Wines’

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We’ve all enjoyed a bottle or two from the sunny climes of France, or South Africa, but what other countries are contributing to the production of wine? Let LUU Wine Soc President Coralie Strong broaden your horizons as she takes you on a whistle-stop tour of some of the world’s grape loving … Read More

Society Spotlight: LUU Water Aid

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When it comes to speaking about the importance of access to clean, safe water, the issue seems so far away that it is often dismissed. Here in the UK, most of us take for granted the access to things like taps and toilets but for many, just finding a glass … Read More