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Hi Society

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Welcome back to, or welcome to, the Gryphon Society pages! We are committed to showcasing the many different clubs and societies that are home to Leeds, helping you discover what’s on offer and helping our readers find more about what they can get involved with. With over 300 societies to … Read More

Why MatSoc needs to stay: an interview with the society for mature students

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Sue is a little older than the average University student. Sitting across from me in the crowded Refectory, she giggles: “I am not going to tell you how old I am, but I am old enough to be your grandma”. She’s Secretary for MatSoc, the mature students’ society. MatSoc meet … Read More

The reality of being a committee member

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It is no secret that being a committee member for a university society is a great achievement and, most of the time, a lot of fun. I say most of the time because there are a number of people, both at the forefront and behind the scenes, that allow for … Read More

LGBT History Month: Rowan Ellis on LGBT representation in pop culture

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It’s February, otherwise known as LGBTQ+ History Month, the month in which LGBTQ+ people and culture are celebrated and recognised!  Of course the rights of LGBTQ+ people and communities should be fought for all year round, but this month is a chance to bring such issues to the fore. Starting … Read More

Vegan Delights: 3 amazing recipes from the Veg Society

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Now that you’re in university, you most probably are embarking upon a journey of cuisine expertise. Cooking for yourself can be a tiring ordeal, especially at first, when you have no idea what you’re doing, and your only hope is to not burn the kitchen down. However, once you get … Read More

Pet and De-Stress with the Guide-Dog Society

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On the 11th of January, the Guide Dogs Society held their first ‘Meet the Guide Dogs’ event of the year in the Union. For those unfamiliar with the concept, ‘Meet the Guide Dogs’ is an opportunity for students to, essentially, pet and interact with guide dogs as a way of … Read More

It’s time we talk about disability

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What I thought would be a regular Wednesday afternoon turned into one of the most educational and eye-opening days I’ve had in a long time. Sitting at a table with the Disability Action Society at Balcony, I’m not even looking down at the extensive list of questions I had prepared: … Read More

The amazing things you can create: Papercraft Society

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I have always been slightly jealous of people who are adept at origami, because I was amazed at the amazing things you could create with just a few sheets of paper. When I heard that a new society had been formed that focused on paper crafting, I decided to check … Read More

Animal Welfare Society: Cowspiracy

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The Animal Welfare Society ran a screening of the jaw dropping ‘Cowspiracy’. On Thursday 17th November, students gathered to watch the documentary that summarises the devastating effects animal agriculture is having on the environment. Intensive animal farming is undeniably the most destructive industry on the planet; responsible for mass species … Read More

Langar on Campus: Leeds Sikh Society teaches us about community and harmony

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Integration is possible if we are willing to talk, share and celebrate each other’s festive moments, be it cultural, social or religious. The University of Leeds Sikh Society recently organised an incredible event, ‘Langar on campus’, which made this possible. Hundreds of British and international students in colorful headscarves gathered … Read More