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Fresher’s Guide: The societies you should join based on what kind of person you are

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There are over 300 clubs and societies at Leeds, so whatever your interests and abilities, there’s guaranteed to be a society to suit you. We have taken some of the societies in the General Interest category and divided them into four groups – so whether you like to move, shake, … Read More

Society Spotlight: Buddhist Meditation Society

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Breathe in…breathe out…breathe in…breathe out…. Yes, it’s that time of the semester again. Come May, we students find ourselves plunged into a season of countless all-nighters and cramming sessions. Even if you’re one of the good ones, who either: (A) pretends no work or revision has been done, when in … Read More

Society l Charity Netball Competition

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Netball Club are hosting a huge charity netball tournament and are calling for players and spectators. The event is in aid of Yorkshire charity, Candlelighters, “close to the hearts” of the society. Candlelighters offer support to the families of children with cancer. It is founded and run by the parents … Read More

Society l Profile: Action

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Action is a student led volunteering society, which has been running for 10 years. They run projects with children and older people in the local community and do everything from playing bingo in a care home to taking young careers bowling. Projects include: Reach – accompany children aged 12-16 who … Read More

Get on down to Guys and Dolls with Stage Musicals Society

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Looking for a way to fill the cold winter evenings? Stage Musicals Society brings you entertainment to help you dance away those chills. In connection with Back Stage society, their production of Guys and Dolls is running from the 2nd-6th December in the Riley Smith Hall. Set in 1950’s New … Read More

Re-Thinkers: Why should you be interested?

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Re-Thinkers acts as a platform for students to actively and constructively discuss contemporary issues, which affect us all. We try to get students to ‘rethink’ what we think we know. Often, perceptions and stereotypes are not reflective of reality and that’s why what we do is important. There could be … Read More

Are doctors pressured into prescribing anti-depressants?

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Hannah Williams from Mind Matters told InTheMiddle why the over prescription of anti-depressants can be a problem in the mental health sector. Is it because of the lack of mental health budget? The national budget available for the NHS’s mental health care sector is only set at 1.4%. This is … Read More

Escape ‘Into the Woods’ with Music Theatre Society

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Remember the first time you heard a fairy tale, and how it transported you to a land of once-upon-a-times and happy endings? Remember how it made you believe, if only for a short while, that magic was real? In their latest musical, ‘Into the Woods,’ the Music Theatre Society manage to … Read More

ACTION’s Christmas Present Project NEEDS YOU!

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As Christmas is drawing ever closer it is a time to share, give and donate to those who are less fortunate that ourselves. For many families in Leeds struggling in poverty, Christmas can be a particularly difficult time of year. The Christmas Present Project, in partnership with St Vincent’s, aims … Read More

Green Action

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‘ We are not just a little Green shop of hippies giving out free bread, jamming to reggae, and selling “rabbit” food. We are more, we promise.’  Green Action is a society that takes practical action on environmental, social and political issues. With various activities and campaigns, they try to … Read More