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“What’s Your Kink?”: Meet Your Music Editors

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If you’re an avid reader of our section, then you already know everything you need to know about music. But what about the people running the section this year? We’ve put together a little Q&A so you don’t have to stalk us on Facebook (and more importantly, so you know … Read More

Garden Party Plots its Return

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This year marks 13 years of Garden Party, an event that has been getting bigger and better every year. Garden Party is the daytime party of the student year, with every friend (and friend of a friend) eagerly awaiting their chance to destress in the sun-drenched Canal Mills courtyard. It’s … Read More

Flux Rises From the Flames

9 months ago / 0 comments

As Voulez-Vous booms from the speakers, friends in unison circled in the fron right of the Fan Room as the lights beam across your faces, you take a moment to appreciate the quality of the night around you. Flux is a right of passage for the general Leeds clubber, and … Read More

S/S18: Top Holiday Picks

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Summer 2018 is all about the capsule wardrobe; we want to show you easy, comfortable, interchangeable pieces that make you feel confident and relaxed whilst looking oh-so-chic! The Throw and Go Dress The Maxi Dress should be a staple in everyone’s Summer wardrobe; comfortable and cool, this style of dress is … Read More

Sunflower Bean bring New York rock to The Wardrobe, 29/03

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Sunflower Bean are a rock band and they want you to know that. Hailing from New York, the band are touring their second album, Twentytwo in Blue, which is currently vying for a place in the Top 40 up against pop stars Ed Sheeran and Dua Lipa, as the band … Read More

Top of the pops: why side split popper joggers are making a comeback

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Some have compared them to billowing tent seams, others (Leeds students in particular) love them. As fashion continues to borrow from the wardrobes of the 90s, it’s the popper sweatpants’ turn to join the sporty renaissance. These things are cleverly practical and adaptable. Undoing with a swift pull at lightning … Read More

Oscar winning film or Oscar winning fashion?

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“They say clothes maketh the man, and it’s certainly true that costumes maketh the character” In 2018 we have seen a myriad of eye-catching fashion moments grace our film screens but there have been a select few moments that have been truly iconic. Great films need great actors, but what … Read More

Smirnoff and Spotify team up to launch Equaliser

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Who would have thought that your favourite vodka brand would be getting involved in an initiative to promote women’s equality in the music industry?  In the spirit of International Women’s day, Smirnoff have teamed up with Spotify to create an extension that allows you to see the ratio of male … Read More

Student who never turns up anyway is suing university over strike hours

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Final year business student Katie Hopkins wants to sue the University of Leeds over the contact hours affected by the on-going strike. Katie, who’s average attendance over her three-year course is roughly 18%, is appalled that the strikes mean several of her classes over a four-week period will be cancelled. … Read More