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Preview: System Presents Joseph Capriati

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In continuation with their impressive array of bookings – hosting some of the world’s best DJs at club nights and terrace parties – System presents one of techno’s most sought after artists for a special treat this Easter. Italian DJ and Ibiza legend, Joseph Capriati is a true ambassador for … Read More

Students protest against TEF by Disrupting Senate

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  Students battled the horrible weather and marched in protest of TEF from the Union to disrupt the Senate meeting, where the petition was delivered to the Vice Chancellor. The Teaching Excellence Framework is a controversial new government initiative most notably criticised for creating a formal link between quality of teaching … Read More

In The Middle with Bear’s Den

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Bear’s Den have changed a lot in the past few years. When I was first introduced to the soothing melancholy sounds of Above The Clouds of Pompeii, the group were a folksy three-piece. Now one member down, the band have morphed their sound into something more epic and electronic. Their … Read More

Whose VOICE?

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When Trump announced that he’d created an office called ‘VOICE’, you might presume he’d created a space for the ignored voices of America. It’s Donald Trump, so VOICE wasn’t going to be a space for transgender teenagers or a place for people with a hidden disability. Perhaps it could be … Read More

Corbyn struggling to Copeland

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Recently, Jeremy Corbyn attempted a political stunt by releasing his tax return and challenging the chancellor to do the same. On paper, it was a smart move, especially as Labour was in need of something to distract media attention away from its devastating loss in the Copeland by-election. This being … Read More

Waterstones: putting on a front

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Independent institutions mark a rebellion against the capitalist agenda and everything it stands for. Chain stores often uphold this continuation of capitalism by favouring profit over individual enterprise, forgetting the original purpose behind the creation of such a store. Bookshops are some of the most wonderful creations of British society; … Read More

The Gryphon asks: should a country ever introduce conscription?

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Yes – Kane Emmerson Last week it was announced that Sweden has reintroduced conscription amidst rising tensions in the Baltic and a fall in recruitment numbers. It joins Estonia, Finland, Norway and Austria in requiring some military service from young people. Whilst Sweden’s choice was decided by a perceived threat … Read More

An Uber desperate plea to students

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The U.S taxi-hailing service Uber has been found to have been using secret programs to hide their existence from official regulators, in order to avoid potential charges. Regularly featuring in the news, and not for charitable donations, Uber is the Marmite of transport companies; it’s loathed by local minicab firms, … Read More

Bowie’s Blackstar: a closeted LGBTQ superstar

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Most music fans are no doubt already familiar with David Bowie’s pioneering stage personas and continual reinvention. More dedicated followers will be well versed in how these traits encouraged fearless self-expression and pride throughout the LGBTQ* community. But relatively few Bowie lovers will be aware of how the icon incorporated … Read More

The Edgy Veggie: Baklava

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One thing that I always get asked when I tell people I’m Turkish is ‘do you know how to make baklava?’ The answer is yes I do, but not in the traditional way where I sit for hours on end rolling out dough, instead I pop to my local shop … Read More