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May’s ‘wealth tax’: a fiery debate in a dull education

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Given the fact that it largely seems to be little more than a coronation ceremony for Theresa May, whose campaigning tactics are so remarkably unambitious as to avoid anything resembling a debate with her opposition, you would be forgiven for thinking that this election was, well, rather boring. In the … Read More

Manchester Arena attack: a dark day for journalism

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‘Terror carnage’, ‘massacre’ – some of the headlines splashed across Britain’s front pages today after an explosion last night killed at least 22 people at Manchester Arena. Several newspapers featured the photograph of an injured young woman being helped from the arena by police officers. Another told of ‘desperate parents’ … Read More

Reactions to Corbyn

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There’s a lot to be said for breaking out of the echo chamber. With this in mind, I accepted a friend’s suggestion of seeing Jeremy Corbyn’s much publicised visit to the Brundell Social Club on Monday. While it didn’t win me over (which in fairness to the man was a … Read More

Corbyn’s visit to Leeds: the speech that dismantled mainstream media rhetoric

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In addressing masses and masses of people in Leeds on Monday, Jeremy Corbyn completely dismantled all pre-existing Tory rhetoric of him as a man who, firstly, cannot unite his party, and secondly, conveys nothing but weak leadership. An estimated three to four thousand people gathered outside Brudenell Social Club; some … Read More

Theresa May’s avoidance of the media: a smart political game and a betrayal of democracy

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In light of the decision to hold a General Election in June 2017, Theresa May has not initiated much direct contact with the media. By contrast, Jeremy Corbyn has kick-started the campaign for Labour by maintaining a conscious media presence. Images of Corbyn visiting constituencies; visiting primary schools, and attending … Read More

Trump’s top 100

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As we are now nearing the monumental benchmark of President Trump’s 100th day in office, I feel it’s only fair to mark the occasion with a celebration of his greatest hits. By now, everyone is already aware of the remarkable man that now sits in the White House as the … Read More

May we debate you, Prime Minister?

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Within hours of the announcement of a snap general election, Downing Street was reporting the Prime Minister would not be appearing in any televised debate with the opposition during the election campaign. For many, this represents blatant disregard for our democracy, as it portrays Theresa May “insulting the people of … Read More

Worlds apart, but Heads Together

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With ‘Heads Together’ having been selected as the official charity for the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon, backed by the Royal family, it’s clear that the one in four statistic regarding mental health is beginning to receive more recognition. In a society like ours, where so many of us are … Read More

The Gryphon asks: are TV debates between politicians worthwhile?

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No – Michael Everitt In this day and age, there is a glut of information, readily available, on every conceivable subject. A quick Google search can satisfy your curiosity regarding the dietary habits of penguins/athletes/Kardashians (delete as appropriate). Social media and 24hr news channels are competing with each other to … Read More

Students, your country needs you!

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With the announcement of the Snap Election that is going to take place on June 8th later this year, speculation is already occurring over whom 18-24 year olds will vote for. AKA, who will the student population of the country vote for – being that they are now the most … Read More