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Strike 4 Repeal

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In case after 108 International Women’s Days, you thought you’d seen the back of worldwide gender inequality, you are mistaken. The #IWD2017 twitter storm carried with it Anne Hathaway’s UN speech calling for paid parental leave, and British female MPs encouraged other women to get into politics, two of the … Read More

The fear of the ‘Other’

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It is no surprise in modern Western society that terror attacks in crucial locations, such as the nation’s capital, provoke fear and thought in the minds of those concerned with the preservation of a democratic society. However, the terror attack that occurred on Westminster Bridge on Wednesday 22nd March this … Read More

The dehumanisation of the homeless

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It probably won’t surprise you to hear that, in Britain at the moment, there is a huge homelessness problem, and one that is continually getting worse. While statistics about homelessness are notoriously hard to gather, the samples that charities and the government have managed to attain highlight a definite increase … Read More

Have Your Say In This Week’s Referendum

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Should the University of Leeds promote ethical companies whose values align with international humanitarian law, and limit participation of those who don’t at careers fairs? You have until Friday at 5pm to vote in the referendum on whether the University should restrict careers fair access to companies whose values don’t … Read More

A conflict of interest: politics or print?

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Former Chancellor and oft-derided Conservative MP George Osbourne has recently been appointed as the new Editor-in-Chief of the London Evening Standard. Osbourne was appointed for the role at London’s famously conservative daily newspaper by its owner Evgeny Lebedev, who also owns publications such as the Independent. Whether Osbourne will be … Read More

Dutch Politics: Still in a Rutte

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Most people have declared the Dutch election last week as a clear victory against the new populism that’s already claimed scalps in Britain and the US. Wilders sought to break through and become the largest party; he failed. Wilders had a nationalist message of anti-Islamism and inwardness, which the Dutch … Read More

Can Meninism actually achieve anything?

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I know that, by now, Meninism and its proponent, Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs), are old news. But, in the wake of International Women’s Day, on which the Piers Morgans of the world jumped at the opportunity to condescendingly undermine the modern day feminist movement, it seems to me a good … Read More

The dismantling of Obamacare: TrumpDoesn’tCare?

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Last week the GOP revealed its proposed Bill to replace the Democrat’s Affordable Care Act , titled the American Health Care Act (not, sadly, the ‘The Worlds Greatest Healthcare Act of 2017’ as initially reported by some, which would have been perfect Trump-esque braggadocio). Health care being the hotly contested … Read More

It’s 2017, let Emma Watson do what she wants

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A couple of weeks ago, Emma Watson did a photoshoot. She made a decision, and did what she wanted to do. It really shouldn’t have become a massive news story: a celebrity does a photoshoot for a magazine, wow. But, obviously, as there are lots of unsavoury people in the … Read More

Corbyn’s demise and the politics of personality

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Since Corbyn’s re-election in September, it’s been guaranteed that a phone conversation with my 49 year old, North Walian working class mother with a keen eye for realist, anti-Tory politics will end sour.  The conversation will begin with good intentions; we’ll discuss the weather and gush over our dog, but … Read More