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Internet Activism or ‘Slacktivism’?

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This year marked the 26th anniversary of #worldmentalhealthday: a campaign geared towards ‘raising awareness’ about mental health issues. While this is valuable, both the campaign and the hashtag touch upon two complex issues surrounding mental health: the limitations of internet activism, and the wider notion of ‘raising awareness’ with its … Read More

Mental Health A-Z: Q is for Quantity

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I’d always hated maths. I despised the boring simplicity of finding the one correct answer; using theory after theory to calculate the size of shapes I didn’t care about. The end of year 11 meant maths was nearly over, and lessons were a case of scraping through the exams. Revising … Read More

A-Z of Mental Health: O is for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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If I had a pound for each time I heard the term ‘OCD’ used out of context, I’d be a rich woman. Amongst friends, family and even through the media, I’ve heard phrases such as: “Oh I’m so OCD, I always need to fluff my pillows before guests arrive”; “I’m … Read More

Mental Health A-Z: N is for Normal

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Normal: conforming to a type or standard. Initially, during our school days, all we want is to fit in. We want to blend in with the rest of the crowd; liking the right kind of music, writing with the right sort of pen and owning the right sort of pencil … Read More