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Repeal the 8th

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In late May 2018, the Republic of Ireland, still considered the most intransigent Catholic state in the world, will hold a referendum on repealing the 1983 eighth amendment of the Irish constitution. Currently, the eighth amendment outlaws abortion by giving the life of the foetus equal value to the mother’s, ... Read More

Protesting the Protestors

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Many of you will have noticed the small group of pro-life protestors next to the Parkinson Building one Thursday afternoon (16th November). In itself this is not particularly unusual; a protest or stall is far from an unusual sight on campus (in fact a Socialist Students stall also set up … Read More

Northern Ireland: Abortion Is a Medical Issue, Not a Criminal One

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Police should have better things to do than raiding offices for abortion pills https://t.co/hLA9WXnWus— eimear ✨ (@eimearod) March 19, 2017 When you think of Northern Ireland, what comes to mind? Is it beautiful scenery, the Titanic, maybe Game of Thrones? Or do you think of archaic, out-dated abortion laws? For ... Read More

"My body, my business"

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October 3rd could have been a massive game changer for Polish women. An Estimated 20,000 protesters, dressed in black, made it to streets of over 60 cities and towns all over the country to stand up against the anti-abortion bill. The protesters wore black as a symbol of mourning over … Read More

Northern Ireland’s abortion ruling: one step forward, two steps back for reproductive rights

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Whilst in most of the UK, people have been able to access free abortion under the NHS since 1967, those who reside in Northern Ireland are still, even in 2015, not afforded this basic right. The way the law currently stands even those who fall pregnant due to rape or … Read More

Against the Bruce Amendment on abortion

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On Monday 23rd February, Conservative MP Fiona Bruce proposed her amendment to the 1967 Abortion Act. which would clarify that abortions on the basis of gender were illegal in the UK. Bruce has been leading this campaign for a while and sadly my initial reaction to this amendment was that … Read More

Vessel: the film about the abortion ship

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The right to have a safe abortion, to have control over what happens to your body as a woman, is something most of us feel to be within our reach in the UK, but Vessel examines the parts of the world where this isn’t commonplace. Whilst legal in some countries, many … Read More